Solids and Nets Freebie...and enter GIVEAWAY

What brought you in?  The solids and nets part of the title or the GIVEAWAY {imagine that in flashing neon lights}.

Either way, I'm glad you are here.

But, first, I'd like to back up a few days {and if you are interested, keep's OK to scroll all the way to the bottom for the freebie...}

No it's not.

You're gonna wanna hear this. {maybe}

So, remember last week when I told you we were going to go on a fabulous, highly educational field trip to see the reenacting of the Battle of Aiken?  I know. You were dying to know how it all went, right?

It's a pretty big deal {this wittle ol' battle}, at least for us that live here.  It's a battle from the Civil War, people.  We are deep here in the south.
Scratch that.  It's a big deal for the fourth grade teachers in this area 'cause it means:


And, one of the best, really.
Here's's kinda like the releasing on the hounds.  Literally.
We divvy up our kiddos and have parent chaperones drive out there. The teachers wander around all day checking in on groups completely ignoring the fact that we are teachers throughout the day.  It's AWESOME.

Well, not this year. {sigh}

We got the kiddos all loaded up in about thirty or so cars...and off they went.  That is, we were on our way after my speech to the parents about how these extra students are like their own kids today and to keep them in line, not lose them, and have fun.  {By the way...I volunteered to be the speech giver again this year...I hate talking in front of a bunch of adults...what was I thinking?  I seem to always be the one that is stuck doing the talking....more on that later.}

Loaded up.
Drive out to the battle field.
Weather not looking good.

The drive is about 45 minutes.
Oh, and the best part...the teachers all ride together in two different cars.  {I told you it was an AWESOME field trip}

We get there and what do we notice?  Cars going in the opposite direction.

Canceled!  Due to a tornado watch in the area.

What are we going to do ALL day back at school?  We don't have anything planned.  Time to pull it out of thin air {or out of somewhere else...}.

Co-worker says from the back seat:
"Hey, I know...can't we just put in "Gone with the Wind"? It's from the Civil War, right?"

We must have laughed for 3 minutes straight.

If only, oh, if only :)

Instead, we find some streamline videos, have a picnic in the pod, and spend the rest of the day goofing off and cleaning the room.  The cat was away...not that she'd care, I think.

I cleaned out a whole cabinet/shelf area.  I'll be posting pictures later this week.  It looks pretty good.

OK- NOW FOR THE SOLIDS AND NETS part of my blog post.

We started geometrical solids and nets this week.  The solids, for the most part, are mastered by fourth grade.  It's the nets of these solids that's the kicker.

So, last night, after a wonderful weekend in Atlanta with family, I whipped up a foldable for my students to make to give them a reference guide.

It's free in my TpT AND my TN store...finally, something there, too :)

OH- and the second part of that title? GIVEAWAY {click and link to that post}


  1. LOVE the new foldable! I'm starting geometric solids tomorrow - this is perfect!
    We're heading on a field trip on Thursday (about an hour's drive) to go skiing - fingers crossed the weather holds up ... although I could use a day of good cleaning in the classroom. ;)

    Runde's Room

  2. Love the foldable!

    I have been to the Aiken battlefield. I went to college in Greenville. We had to take a History of SC class, so we went on this mega field trip to all these different historical SC places.

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

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  4. Jen-Have fun on your field trip. It sounds way better than the one I missed.

    Amber-come back to visit this part of the world. Maybe a bloggy meet up?


  5. I love the nets. Can you give more details as to how this is set up? I am new to foldables-think "directions for dummies". By the way I love your writing style...funny, informative, and entertaining.