Biography Poster Freebie...and enter Giveaway

{Shameless plug for my GIVEAWAY} Sorry!

But, here's a freebie for enduring it.

My team and I had to teach "Sequence in Research" last week.  Really? How do you do that?

Remember funny co-worker {the Gone With the Wind one}, she suggested that we complete research on famous African Americans for Black History month.  Then, we could use this to help them sequence their report.  Brilliant!

We began our research by going to several websites including and  Both were very valuable resources.  Especially Factmonster.

This week, we are using the information we gathered to create a three paragraph biography.  The information has been great.

I wanted a culminating activity that we can hang in the room {and take down the Conversation Heart stories...those pieces of candy are starting to look gross...}.

So, this afternoon I created this poster so that my students can complete it while I'm gone {AGAIN} at another in-service tomorrow.

The document on TpT and TN does not have a gray background.  I only did that to be able to show you on here.  I took a screen capture of it. Is that the best way to do this? 

If you are loading documents, how do you load a picture?  Do you have another method?  I'd love advice, so comment below everyone!


  1. Gosh- I wish that I could help you! I have been learning as I go! After whinning to myself one day my hubby said, "Oh just do a screen shot." (Rolling my eyes) He is one of those people that can do EVERYTHING!!

    Loading document... do you mean through google docs? I wish someone would have a nice summer conference near a beach someone to teach me stuff like this. ;)

  2. I pinned the Biography Sheet! Thanks so much!

  3. I pinned the Biography Sheet! Thanks so much!

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  6. I can't download the biography poster freebee as I'm told it doesn't have a valid link. Help!

  7. I can't download the biography poster freebee as I'm told it doesn't have a valid link. Help!

  8. Hi, Love your blog - I'm your newest follower. I teach first grade in CA. I still have so much to learn about blogging and TPT. I wish I had tips for you but...I wanted to pop in and say - great work and cute blog. Come visit me sometime when you get a chance. :o)
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  9. Lindsay-I emailed you. But, click on the TpT or TN letters and that will direct you to my stores where you can download them.
    Mrs. LaSota- a beach blogging conference sounds divine!
    Jenn-Thanks for the award! Can't wait to add it :)
    Vicky-Nice to meet you and I'll be following you soon, too!


  10. I really like the Biography Research handout. Do you know if there is a way to upload it to Google docs? When I do that, it looses its format of the great boxes and shapes in which to answer the questions.