Prayers for South Carolina

Having lived most of my life in South Carolina, I am having a hard time lately with the devastation and tragedies that have taken place in my beloved state over the last year.  From the ice storms of the winter of 2014, to the tragedy in Charleston in June, to the devastating flooding that is occurring in and around our capital city this week, we are all heartbroken.  However, what I am most proud of is the fact that the great people of this state all seem to rally together during these difficult times to help out our fellow man.

My daughter came home on Friday for a family weekend.  I'm so thankful that we had this weekend planned and that she made it home safely from Columbia.  She's a student at the University of South Carolina and I just received notice that they have canceled classes through Friday of this week due to the unsafe conditions in the area.  I'm so grateful that she attends a university that puts the safety of its students first.  

Although the city where I teach is safe and the conditions are fine, my county is not completely unaffected.  Because of this, I have been home from school for two days because the buses are unable to travel down roads safely in the outlying areas of the county.  I am grateful for my district leaders. They made the decision to cancel school because many road closures and hazardous conditions make it unsafe for our students to travel to school.  Although it will be difficult to make these days up when the time comes, the safety of our students is more important than later inconveniences.

My Facebook newsfeed is full of unbelievable images of the flooding.  It's heartbreaking.

But, you know what else is flooding my newsfeed?  Images and messages of support.  Bottled water and other supplies are being gathered and distributed to relief efforts.  People across my great state are reaching out to help those less fortunate.

Please keep South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers as we rally to return to a new normal.