Daily 5 Station Boards Freebie

I've been pulling my hair out all year plugging away at trying to implement the Daily 5 all year.  I've worked at creating a Reading Block that is kinda working for me now.

Here's the breakdown:
We start with Daily Oral Language. Do any of you use this book?

My grade level uses it to teach the basics of grammar and editing.  It's a great drill type of work.  I believe in it.  It works.  It's totally boring, but it works.

On Mondays {of a typical 5 day week}, I then teach a 20 minute lesson on the skill for the week.  {text structure, using graphic sources, plot, etc.}  On Mondays, we aren't doing "stations", but rather working independently on the previous week's rotations and getting all assignments completed in the reading notebooks.  I use this time to work with students individually or with maybe one small group. 

On Tuesday-Thursday, I give a small 5 minute mini-lesson and we spend the rest of the time going through 4 different stations.  More like a Reader Workshop method, I guess.  It's like I do am attempting with my math rotations.  I'm still working on a cute board with the acronym READ.  Hopefully, I can get to that this week and share it with you.  Fingers crossed!

The four different rotations are the following:
Read to Self- work on letter to me
Work with the Teacher- Small Group/Guided Reading
Station 1
Station 2

During this time, I am working with a small group and of course shouldn't be interrupted.  But, ahhhhhhhh, I usually am at least once.  The number one question {even though I've shown them where the materials are a gazillion times} is "Where can I find the cards for Read to Self?" {or some other station}

Basically, I have pockets glued to cabinet doors that "houses" all of the materials for each station. It's pretty organized to me.  Unfortunately, these pockets aren't labeled.  You'd think they can remember that red=read to self, blue= writing, etc.  Why am I the only one that can remember it?  Geesh.

One of my students told me on Friday, "Hey, you really need to label those."

He's right.  So, today, after 2 days with NO COMPUTER, I finally sat down to make the signs.

Here's a preview:

Maybe you can use them, too.

Click on the picture above to download your copy!



Looks like a giveaway soon.  I've been toying with lots of ideas.  I'll see you soon to let you know.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Ohhh Please please share your reading board when you get it. I was trying to work on one too with not much success. I am much better at downloading than creating LOL I also wanted one with the acronym READ to go with my MATH board. I do 4 rotations as well. I do Teacher Table, Read to Self, Computers, and Seat Work (which is when they do the required workbook pages, and their tests when they have those). It works well because they are doing what I want them to do (read) and they are doing what they are required to do (computers and seat work)

  2. I just got you to 101!! I am also a 4th grade teacher trying to implement the Daily 5 in my classroom... I've got bits and pieces of it so far, but would still like to solidify the schedule... I feel like it's very inconsistent! We have Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Read to Someone down pretty well... I just need to set up stations for the other two and work on my mini lessons! When you talked about creating an acronym for READ it made me think of The CAFE Book... have you heard of it? I am using it in addition to the Daily 5 and I love it! Come check out my blog when you get a chance!

    Lessons with Laughter

  3. Happy 100+ Elizabeth!!! I really enjoyed reading this...thanks for sharing what you do in class!

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  5. I know that this post is like ancient but I found it when looking for resources for Daily 5. I am going to try and implement a version, more like D3 this year (4th grade). I use the Daily Language Review (call it DLR) in my room too. Last year, I had similar rotations: independent, teacher, station 1, station 2 (before I read D5 book). I am going to look around at your blog and see where you are now in the D5 journey to get more ideas. One thing I am going to do better is train them how it looks to read to self and the other stations instead of telling them once and expecting it all the time. It didn't matter that I told students only to interrupt me at teacher station if there was an emergency. There was usually someone who thought there was an "emergency"! One question.....when you say, "Read to Self-Write Letter to Me", do you have students write a letter to you about the book they are reading? How many times a week do you have them do that and do you read them all once a week?? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!! Email: lillycharlie2915@gmail.com
    Fourth Grade Flipper