Have You Heard?

Of these???
I've been checking them out via Facebook and Instagram for weeks.  From a far....and then decided to bite the bullet and order some.

Why?  I love a great manicure.  It's one of the ways I feel like I "stay young".  At this point in the game, my daughter still approves :)

I have been indulging in gel manicures for a few years.  I loved them!  The manicure would last for a few weeks!  What I didn't like was the price.  So, I bought the "at home" version and LOVED that, too.

Why don't I just stick with that?

Well, the main reason is because I am unhappy with what it is doing to my actual nail.  When I go to take off the polish, I have to soak my nails in acetone.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might remember this silly picture:

 That can't be good, right? Nope.

When I started reading about Jamberry, needless to say, I was intrigued.

Then, I saw this:

And I was sold!  Hook-Line-And-Sinker!

Y'all that is olive oil!  Olive oil takes of Jamberry nails!  After more than 2 weeks!

So, I said, "Yes, please."

Check out some cool manicures:

So cute!  I just received my sample from Christi (Ms. Fultz's Corner---check her out {here} and {here}).

What do you think?

These took me about 15 minutes to complete.  Christi has a great little video about how to apply them using a "cold press" method.  Check out the video {here}.  It was super easy and I think that mine turned out super cute for my first time trying!

I've already ordered my Buy 3 get 1 free!

And now, I'm throwing a party!  Won't you come?

Here are a few tidbits of information you might like to know:

Jamberry wraps are nontoxic, vinyl wraps that "shrink wrap" to your nails using heat and pressure.
One applied, they will last two (or more) weeks on your fingers and up to six weeks on your toes!
Jamberry wraps come in over 300 designs and also include "Junior Jams" like these (perfect for little fingers):

Sheets are $15 each and you should give you two manicures and one pedicure.

Right now, you can Buy 3 and Get 1 Free!

If you are interested, I'd love for you to join my party {here}.  I'm very happy with the results and would love for you to check them out, too!


  1. Oh yay!!! You know I totally thought of you when all of these Jamberry photos started showing up on Instagram after we talked about nails in the summer!! I just had a sample that was sent out to me! I'm very excited about trying them!! I'm going to check out your party!!! I want in so bad!! They are so cute!! Yours turned out adorable! You know I love polka dots!! :O)
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Haha! It was about time that I jumped on board when everyone knows I'm "nail obsessed". :) I bet you love the polka dots. These are cute, aren't they? There are a ton of polka dot ones available. I want one of every color! :)

  2. I too have been dying to try them. I am trying not to spend a whole lot of money so I've made it my lose 10 pounds reward!! Can't wait! Your polka dot nails are super cute!!

  3. I just ordered some of these for my sister for Christmas. So cute!