Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bouncy Bands!

A few months ago, I was contacted by Scott Ertl from Bouncy Bands about reviewing his new product.  Having several students with ADHD, I am always on the look-out for sensory resources that can give my students some freedom of movement while still allowing them to maintain attention to instruction.  Movement is crucial for students with ADHD...but also beneficial for ALL students.  I also find that it is important that sensory tools should only result in minimal distractions for the other students in the room.

Check out this awesome {and now improved} tool:

Bouncy Bands

Just last week, Scott sent me a new improved Bouncy Band.  The band pictured above is a recycled bicycle inner tube.  The white "stopper" is PVC pipe.  Scott encourages teachers to use the sample and create your own by purchasing 10' lengths of PVC and having the store cut them down to size.  Then, you can ask bicycle stores for used bicycle inner tubes. By doing this, you can have a class set of 26 for about $20.  This is so much cheaper than other sensory resources like sissel seats and therapy/ yoga balls.

Now, check out how the new/improved band looks in use:

 This new and improved Bouncy Band includes a band that is secured and will not come loose. (The bicycle inner tube would occasionally slip loose and we had to retie them.)  I absolutely love this new/improved band!  My students love it, too.  I hardly ever notice when students are using the band.  It's quiet and students are able to "get the wiggles out" and stretch.  Every child could benefit from this band!  Check out Bouncy Bands {here}.
**I did receive the Bouncy Bands in return for this review.**


  1. I definitely have some students that could benefit! Alwaaaaaays moving! :-P

  2. Thanks for sharing. As I was reading your post I thought immediately of a particular smartie who spends most of his day bouncing around my classroom. I'll have to check it out.

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  3. Ah what a brilliant idea! And my hubby is an avid cyclist who goes through those tubes... I believe I have some hoarding to get started on...

    XO, Kelly Anne

    1. Hi Kelly Anne, Initially I used bicycle inner tubes, but the knots came untied all of the time and student shoes would wear through the thin rubber. Bouncy Bands are made of a 7/16" solid rubber that withstand repeated stretching.

  4. This looks so interesting! I'm going to have to check these out!
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  5. How did you secure the ends of the tube? It looks like a giant staple?

    1. It is a large staple, but that is the way it came to me. It already had the loop and the staple securing it.

  6. The fasteners are much stronger than staples. They are industrial strength stainless steel and commonly used for securing chain link cages that hold landscaping rocks.