iPoke Equivalent Fractions Game

Hey all,

I posted a little funny video earlier today.  I hope you enjoyed it.  It sure did make me laugh. {I know, *gasp* two posts in one day....forgive me.}

We are finished with our fractions and decimals unit, but my kiddos still needed to continue to practice with equivalent fractions.  Working with equivalent fractions is important, because it is also allowing my students practice in numeracy (knowing that one fraction is equivalent to another simply by multiplying both the numerator and denominator by the same number can only help them with number sense and continue to build their basic multiplication skills).

I had created this fun Valentine's Day Poke Game (Thanks to Tabitha Carro's clip art and idea):
But, I now needed something less "seasonal".  So, I converted the same game to my new iPoke Equivalent Fractions Game.  
There are 45 total cards.  My kids love these!  They love that they self-checking and can be "played alone" or with a partner.

Want a copy?  Answer the question in my comments below before Saturday.  The people who answer correctly will receive a copy!!

What special activity do I have planned for Saturday?  {Hint: It is very "bright", but I'm not feeling rather "bright" about signing up for it right now.}


  1. I have no idea what you are doing on Saturday but I figured if you can post twice in one day I can comment twice in one day! Love the activity and since I have no guess I just went to TpT and put it on my wishlist for when I get to fractions!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. What a cute theme for a game! I'm sure your students love it!

    Are you doing a color run this weekend? I'm a runner, so I think everything is about running!

  3. HMMM... I'm surrounded by snow here. The only bright thing I can think of is a tanning booth!
    Love your seasonal poke game!


  4. The Color Run?!

    My kids LOVE your Valentine equivalent fraction poke game!

  5. The Color Run?

    We start equivalent fractions next week for 4th grade and this will be great!!!!

  6. It's got to be the color run...that's on my bucket list :)

  7. I am doing the Color Run in Columbia! Is that what you're doing?!

  8. I will guess the color in that is near you in Columbia this weekend. I hope I am correct because fractions is my next unit! Love your stuff!

  9. My friends just did the color run in Phoenix. They loved it! Are you doing that this Saturday?

    (Love this fraction poke. My kids need lots of practice!)

  10. You are in the Color Run! That is so much fun, but make sure to undergarments that you won't mind having a little extra color permanently!

    This Fraction Poke is an awesome idea! My kiddos need lots of practice with fractions and the old school drilling is getting a little old!

    Good Luck on your run!

  11. Well, here is a totally different guess. If you're anything like me, every weekend I face a huge mountain of laundry that I need to "brighten up," and I NEVER feel bright about facing that, ha ha! I hope it's something more exciting than that, though. I also hope to get a copy of your equivalent fractions - I adore your games!

  12. I took was thinking of a run when I first read this. Sunshine, nice and bright. But then I was thinking about maybe a photo shoot. Bright flash... I am going to stick to my instincts and go with a run!
    Emily at emer9384@comcast.net

  13. I think is is also the Color run, if it is in your area. Good luck if it is!

    Jaime at jtan@socsd.org

  14. I have to join the chorus here and say the Color Run also. I hope we are all right because I love the idea of this game. Would love to give my kiddos the opportunity to try it out! thanks for the chance to win it! :)


  15. I didn't just want to jump on the bandwagon, so I looked up this Color Run. OH MY GOSH! It looks like crazy fun! It is certainly bright, and I can imagine you would not be feeling very bright right at the moment for having signed up, but it looks amazing! I've done the Rock n' Roll Marathon twice and enjoyed it. This looks way too fun! I hope you have a blast! I hope we all get the iPoke game. Sounds so cool! Good luck! p.s. Congrats on being Teacher of the Year at your school (from an earlier post.....I'm a little behind.... :)


  16. Color run!! So want to do this one day!

    Perfect timing because my kids are really struggling with equivalent fractions.


  17. It was the Color Run!!! I sent all of you the iPoke game for guessing. If you didn't receive the game, please email me and let me know (everyone above this comment).

    Thanks for commenting :)