February Made It

I'm linking up with my good friend, Tara:

I haven't put too much together for this month.  I wish I could tell you I've been busy, busy, busy.  But, really, I've only been lazy, lazy, lazy.

I did have the chance to finish putting these together for my students to start using this week:

This is how you make them self-checking :)
They are laminated, cut and ready to put in my math stations this week!  Yay!

And, I did finish the heart-shaped crayons for all 80 of my students:

 Oh, and I made some Valentine's cards to send to my family.  {They were in a kit from Target...I cheated this time.  Usually I make them from scratch.}

Well, that's about it.  I really wish I had a ton of things to show you, but lazy called this month and I answered.

Link up with what you have been busy with this month.  Maybe, just maybe, it will encourage me to get crafty again :)


  1. I love your fractions activity! I still want to try those crayon hearts - I can't believe you made 80 of them and said you have been lazy!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

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  3. Poke games are pure genius and yours is really cute!


  4. That fraction poke game is Awesome!!!!
    hodges Herald

  5. I love your game, I am printing right now for my class this week! Lazy? Girl, you made 80 crayons, that is amazing!! I think Lazy's at my house lately!!!! :)

  6. Love that little card! Even if you "cheated" it still took time and looks great.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?