I Think It's My Turn...and a Review Freebie

Several of my bloggy friends have been posting that they have been sick lately.  Could I have possibly caught something from them?

That would be weird.

I went to the most fabulous wedding last night for some dear friends' daughter.  It was beautiful, special, amazing.  Y'all they the wedding at a local landmark on the lawn in the back of the mansion.  Gorgeous.  Then, while they were taking pictures, they had lawn games for us to play (croquet, corn-hole...). Needless to say, my son had a ball! 

Oh- and before the wedding started, they served us lemonade in cute little glasses with fancy straws.  Precious!

I know what you are thinking...I celebrated too much and I'm paying for it...nope, not this time (wink, wink). 

I just woke up feeling yucky, yucky, yucky.  I really didn't even get going until almost 1:00 today and I have

On to teachery stuff:

This year (and for a few years) I have been in charge of the Social Studies planning for my pod.  Do you share responsibilities with your team-mates?  It's so great, because I don't know how I would get everything accomplished without some help from my teacher buddies.  Anyway, since I am in charge of SS- I wanted to create something for us to review this last week before THE test.  We have Coach PACT (our old name for the same state test) books and other review books, but the kids are going to probably die if they hear one more time, "Get out your PACT Coach book and turn to page _______."  I'm probably going to die if I have to do a week of this....

So, here's a preview of the game I made for my class: 

You may get that set for only $2 by going to my TPT or TN stores. There are 64 cards.  Now, I know most of you aren't in South Carolina or teach 4th grade in this lovely state, so you can pin this for people that may follow you.  I know that if I had found a set last week, I wouldn't have spent the time making one...gotta love TPT and TN! 

But, I promised you a freebie, too.  You can grab blank cards like this:

Just go download this freebie from my TPT or my TN stores. If you do, please give me some feedback.  I've got like almost zero feedback in my TN store and that makes me want to cry, especially since I feel poopy.  OK, I'm exaggerating, as usual.  But, you get the idea.

Hope you have a great week.  Wish me luck that I feel better tomorrow and won't have to call in...we have a new automated system that sucks.  (Just saying.)


  1. oh my gosh, I bet it is a blog bug!! I hope you don't have to call in tomorrow...though you could spend the day with google, which would maybe make you feel better.

    We don't quite plan like that, we just kind of do a hodge-podge sharing of materials, but I can definitely see the benefits to what you guys do, sounds lovely. Thanks for the freebie, stay healthy!!

    1. I'm trying to stay healthy...but maybe a day with Google would be quite lovely :)

  2. Thank you for the template. I used it to make vocabulary/spelling "I have, Who has?" card set for Tx Journeys Reading Lesson 28! The first time we played this type of card game, it took 40 minutes. It was a simple math counting/number recognition theme. That time was after I pre-taught the game, kids modeled, and then "buddy read" their own cards. Let us just say GT and the "2 ones block" card do not mix! ROFLOL! They are down to 7 minutes. It is so hard to focus and listen when you are 7!!!

  3. ok - so the whole leaving feedback on TN...ever since they redid it, I can't find the "rate it" on the product....