Schoolhouse Rock Rocks...and more :)

Who doesn't love Schoolhouse Rock?  As a child {eh-hem} of the 70s {eh-hem}...I grew up on these little gems.

I LOVE using SHR.

Here's a funny story.  {Surprise!}

I thought someone had walked off with my DVD all year.  Seriously.  I was ready to call the cops and everything.  I've needed it.  Badly.

My kids don't know about subjects and predicates and I blame that solely on the fact that I couldn't show them Mr. Morton.

They don't know about the Preamble or the Constitution or the 3-ring circus of a government we have going on either.

I blame that little stinker that thought it was "cute" to take home.


Last year, thinking I'd be "oh so smart", I put my DVD in a safe place when I packed my room up.

{Oh-that's an entirely different previous boss-lady used to make us pack up our ENTIRE room...strip everything and shove all furniture, boxes, etc. into the center of the room for cleaning in the summer...does anyone else have to go through this?  I'm hoping with a new boss-lady, we won't have to do that this year.} my infinite wisdom, I said to myself,

"Self, why don't you put that DVD in this box here.  Yes, right here, under the curtain with all the other tech-like equipment you don't EVEN USE ANYMORE."

And I listened.

Well, guess what?

It's March, right? RIGHT???

Yep, I just found it.

That poor little bugger is owed an apology.

Poor guy.

So, guess what we did ALL day yesterday :)  Teeheehee...{OK, maybe not ALL day.}

Now, onto some giveaways:

First off, if you haven't already entered Holly's giveaway...she had to extend one night 'cause she's busy.


 And Michelle's having a giveaway linky party.  How stinkin' smart is that?  Click below for her giveaway.


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 I'm hoping to link up soon...only 22 more folks to go before 200 :)  Sad, shameless plug.  Will that ever end?  Will I be satisfied with 200?


  1. Thank you for linking up!! You now are 21 away from 200...YEAH!!! It's funny how exciting that is isn't it??? hehehehe


    The 3AM Teacher

  2. Funny I had a similar find today. I have been looking for a bin of rulers all year. I just couldnt believe an entire bin of rulers could stay in hiding so long. Apparently when I moved rooms last year I stuck them in a Lakeshore Math Quiz Show game box because it had some room on top. I even put a little post it on top to remind me it was in there, but... I put the box on a top shelf in the closet and haven't used it all year because I bought the electronic reason of the game. I pulled it out today to put some other cards in the pocket chart and WOW there was the label on top and rulers inside.

  3. Don't you love when you put something "somewhere safe" and can't remember where it is? I just did that today with center sheets...that I spent FOREVER making! Turns out they were right in the Thursday bin....where they should have been.

  4. Hi Elizabeth:

    I just used the SchoolHouse Rock Conjunction Junction" video last week!

    I am sorry to be so late in thanking you for celebrating my blog. I appreciate your kindness in honoring my site with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for the recognition and for your kindness.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. "Mr. Morton wassssssss......Mr. Morton was the subject of the sentence and what the predicate says he does!"

    I still have kids sing that song and we did subjects/predicates in the beginning of the year. Gotta love it!

    My favorite is Lolly Lolly Lolly Get your Adverbs here! :)

    A Class Act

  6. During our tests today, I keep hearing...Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here...........

    It was so cute :)

  7. I'm your newest follower! Found you on Amber's blog!
    Buzzing with Ms. B