My First Day Alone This Year

My intern's last day was Friday.  This week begins my first week "alone" with my kiddos.  I'm not quite sure what I feel about that...I'm excited, of course! But, I've got to get down to business, you know?

I've enjoyed this semester with my intern.  We all have to start somewhere, so I was happy to have an intern.  However, I never felt like the class was entirely "mine".  Now is my time to bond with them alone...

When my intern left, we showered her with some books that we had read aloud this year.  This included the book Lemonade War which was the novel that she used in Shared Reading.  I had each student write a special little message in the book for her.  If she's anything like me, that book will become a treasure as the years go by...and by....and by.  (I've got my tattered copy of Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing that I'm planning on putting in a shadow box soon.  No, I'm not kidding.)

We also gave her a goody basket with the poem below.  She cried.  It was a great moment for the kids and for her (and me, too).

I hope I can remember how to do things around the classroom without her.

Wish me luck!


  1. We started in the classroom alone at the same time this year!! I just had my first student teachers EVER--one from August-October and the other from October-December. My classes and I have definitely been bonding during the alone time we've had the past few weeks. Thanks for sharing!

    Love the poem--very cute :)

  2. They are so great to have, yet it's nice to bond again with my students.