Rock the Test!

"Oh, stop it."

Those are the words from my co-worker {who won't read this blog, so I'm going to talk about her...just kidding, she might read it. 

No she won't.  But, if she did, she would laugh.}

That's what she says when I've made something new or found something new to have my students make.

This is how she addressed me on Monday morning when she came in my room for math and saw the students with these:

"Oh just stop it."

"You and your fancy-pants self.  First you've been making all this fancy stuff for reading and now math?"  "Just stop it."

She says it all sarcastic-like.  Which is why I LOVE her and get along with her so well.

She's leaving my school next year and I'm sad :(

Anyway.  We made something else.  She might lose her mind.

I found this from Tiffany Gannon at The Lemonade Stand:

 and I knew I had to make them.  You can get your own copy of her craftivity here

I'm in full-blown testing mode.  And....

Look at how stinkin' adorable these came out:

What's you see how my kids put their own spin on the people?  They are so crafty and creative.  I just love it.  Look closely at this girl below...heels :)

And the boy in the top left below...he had his fellow actually hold the guitar by bending the arm.  Smart!

Gotta love that Mohawk. 

For the writing, I gave them a bit of freedom.  I've been PREACHING the RELAX strategy and told them they could either use that one, or come up with their own acronym/acrostic poem {we love those} or just list some ideas about what to do to prepare and get ready for the big TEST.

They are a bit blurry, but the one on the top uses STUDY:
Stay focus(ed)
Take a close look a the passage to answer the questions
Use your background knowledge----personally LOVE that one
Don't get distracted :)
You need to do your best

The other one is a list of suggestions:
Go to bed early, have a good breakfast, study, be prepared, pay attention, have faith (LOVE), do your best and rock the test!

Aren't they cute? 

The Rock the Test title in the middle was made with my Cricut.  I love that thing.  I just need to figure it out better.  I waste some much time trying to figure it out each time I pull it out.  Plus, I waste so much paper.  Any suggestions about tutorials for the Cricut?


  1. those are way cute! may need to do othose next year :)

  2. Your teacher friend sounds like my neighbor...she hates when I come in on Mondays with all kinds of new ideas! Not really...because I share everything!

    Love your rock stars!!!!

    1. I'm always coming in with so many ideas...I'm sure my entire pod is sick of me....

  3. Love those!!!!! I so want to do them myself :) Here's hoping your kids rock that test!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  4. Just DON'T stop it! haha. I just came across your blog and love it. So many cute ideas! Those rock the test guys are cute. We started our state testing this week, so it might be something to keep in mind for next year. Anyway, can't wait to continue exploring your blog. Stop by mine sometime for math ideas. :)


    1. Don't worry...not gonna stop it :) Good luck on your state tests!

  5. Try YouTube for cricut tutorials. Lots of different personalities, so you are bound to find one that suits your learning style. Cute project.

  6. I am sure I am overlooking where to find the template, could you please help me?

    1. Which template do you need? The craftivity is found here:

      Is this what you meant?

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  8. HI Elizabeth! I just wanted to let you know that when I saw this activity on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago I knew this needed to be done in my classroom. I gave you a shout out on my blog, because I just thought how precious. Thank you for the idea. :)

    Tiffany (a newbie blogger)