Poetry and Figurative Language {Freebie}

One final post on poetry and figurative language and then this bus is moving on.......
I'm about "figurative languaged" out, folks.

Ever feel like you've covered something to death?  This is where I am right now with poetry and figurative language. 

However, I really think the idea of using the lapbook helped my students feel like they had "ownership" in the learning. They were so proud of their lapbooks.  Not one single student lost it, either.  That says a lot!

Further, I know that my class understands all of the concepts covered and the time spent was well worth it.


Because I gave the final assessment last week and they rocked it.  Here's the test for you to grab up:

Click on the picture and I think it will take you to my Google Doc: (I'm still messing with that and trying to figure it out.  Let me know if it worked.)

I have no idea why it turns all wonky when you click on the document.  I'm still trying to figure it all out.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.

Now, off to watch my Everything's Intermediate Expo Videos!

 I'm not in my PJs like I said I would be, so maybe I should change first :)


  1. Glad your kiddos can keep up with their lapbooks! I haven't allowed mine to keep up with them, I always take them up for fear they will lose them and I'll be mad haha!!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  2. YAY for your kids ROCKIN' the the test!!! LOVE the lapbooks for figurative language - I really want to do more interactive journals for language next year - just trying to get math under my belt this year. I tried to watch the videos tonight, but my husband has the volume too loud on the TV watching the hockey playoffs. Thank goodness for quiet Sunday mornings ... ;)

    Runde's Room

  3. Love the lapbook and the assessment! :) I'm moving to fourth next year, so I'll know they'll come in handy! :)
    Stories From Second