Mean, Median, Mode and Range Foldable Freebie

Hi there bloggy friends :)

It was nice, lazy start to a busy Sunday.  Around noon, I decided that I best kick it into high gear to get it all finished before bedtime.

On my list today:
#1- Finish Pinteresting Exchange craft and get ready to mail tomorrow.  {I'm making one for myself, too, 'cause I love it}.  Pictures for that later so I don't ruin the surprise for my recipient.

#2- Head over to my parents' house to get my mother's help on the hem my daughter's Social Dress.

#3- Post this freebie:

We completed a foldable on mean, median, mode and range this week.  First, I'd like to share a great website with you {if you don't already know about it}.  It's Sparklebox2:

They have terrific posters on all sorts of content.  I found this one (probably through Pinterest first) and used it with my students:

I had each student create their own foldable to glue into their math notebooks.  Here's what we did in class:

As much as I LOVE for my students to create their own and write their own examples, this took
FOR*EV*, next year, I'm going to use this:

This is what the document looks like:

Hope you can use it!  You can grab it at my TpT store.

Have a great week everyone!