And THIS is WHY I Teach

This happened today.
No lie.

I've got a beautiful little {well, big...he's bigger than me} boy in my class.  He's got some "issues" and is in resource and has lots of extra attention.  You get the background, right?

Well, today he had another little girl's pencil and said it was his "because he found it on the floor."
I explained to him that, "No, it's not yours just because you found it.  You see, {insert said child's name here}, if I found $5 on my desk, I'd try to figure our whose money it wouldn't just be mine because I found it."

He then left the room to work with his resource teacher for math.  She brought me a note afterwards saying that {said child} told her that everyone was always out to get him.  I spent a little longer trying to help him understand that in fact, we are not out to get him.

The day progresses.  When coming back from PE, we see his resource teacher in the hall again.  She asks me if I had a chance to read the note.  I told her that I did and we proceeded to discuss his issue.  He was watching and getting upset.  I walked over and, AGAIN, tried to reassure him we are not OUT TO GET HIM.

We walk on.  I turn around and he's mumbling under his breath.  I walk over all ready to

I say, "{Said child}, what is wrong...we are OVER this".

He says, {and this is the ah-ha moment---I've been teaching plot and climax this week, can you tell}

"I was just praying."

Oh, sweet Jesus.  He was.  I begged for forgiveness at that moment.

But, gets EVEN BETTER.

Later in the day coming back from lunch, I've got something stuck in my teeth.  Gross! {Wait for it...I swear it's good}.

And, in the room I have tooth picks {double gross...but I just had braces 2 years it happens, people, OK?}.

Yes, I go to pick that piece of food out of the back two teeth. {sorry}

{Said child} says, "Teacher, are you OK?"

Me- "Yes, I'm fine, I just have to get something that is stuck in the back of my teeth out.  Give me a second."

{Said child}- "Well, I'll pray for you."

Oh again.  Make me want to cry, OK.

But no, another child turns his head to the ceiling to keep from laughing.  It's hilarious!  Tears are running down his face.  No lie.

I chuckle a bit at this point.

{Said child"} says, "What's so funny?"

What do you say to that???

So, I just say, "I guess I look kinda funny, huh?"

{Said child} says, "Yep, you sure do."

And THIS is WHY I teach.

The End.


  1. Cute story! I live for these moments!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. So glad I came across your blog today!! My story of the day was when one of my students said she named her new baby goat after me! I wasn't sure if I should be happy or offended. Haha.

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run