Tic-Tac-Toe Review Game Freebie!

This is a bit long...but at the end you will be rewarded with a prize!

I found these beauties in Target!  Love that dollar bin area.  It's a killer, though.
In case you can't see...they are Xs and Os to use as table scatters.

Thought to myself {insert thought bubble}, "What can I do with those in my classroom?"

Duh, Tic-Tac-Toe! 

Next thought, "How can I make it generic so that I can use it over and over and over..."

Here's what I came up with....

At Christmas time, I had saved several Pringles cans to decorate and fill with cookies to give to neighbors....
oh, those best laid plans again...the neighbors got cookie tins instead.

So, I had these just hanging out in my laundry room.

Time to decorate:

Ignore the pink velour sweats.  Look away, look away!!!

Cute, huh?

Once decorated, I made the game board. 
My original plan is to use them each month for my kiddos to play a review game with their vocabulary flashcards in social studies.  But, this can be done with virtually any review flashcards.

To play: Lay the deck of flashcards face down.  Player one draws a card.  If he can give the word for the definition, then he gets to place an "X" or an "O" on his board.  If he does not get the definition correct, he loses his turn.  The play continues until one player has three in a row...however, if all flashcards haven't been reviewed, the students will clear the board and play again.

The label for the Pringles can and the game board are available now for FREE at my TpT store.  And, I have two versions for the label: red and purple, or purple and green.  Grab it up and review, review, review!

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  1. Pink Velour??? :-D

    It has been on my to-do list to head over to Target to find the heart muffin pan thing so that I can make use of all of the teeny tiny crayon bits all over my classroom. I definitely have to start making a habit of stopping by Target once a week. (I mean if you twist my arm!!!)

    SUPER cute and creative game!

    I will gladly mention your post but I gotta tell you- I have 30 lovely little friends (MOST of them are my nonteaching family members or friends!!!) so it may not do a lot of good! But hey- the effort is there right? :)

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies!

  3. Thats adorable! I bought some "table scatter" as well, but mine is just hearts!

    So far, all we are using them for is counting manipulatives..

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. Loved the concept of this tic tac toe games for addition and subtraction. It'll highly preferred by students.