February Currently and a Giveaway of a Giveaway :)

It's February already? Man. Shoot.

The beginning of the month calls for a celebration, of sorts. 
It's called Farley's "Currently".  If you haven't ever joined in on this, you should.  Check it out on her blog below:

So, here's my Currently:

Now for my giveaway of my giveaway...

You see my RAK above?
Well, last night I won a $25 gift certificate to Donorschoose  from The Loco Teacher.  Check her out, she's new to blogging so I'm sure she'd love some visitors. 
Anyway, I don't currently have a project in mind.  So, here's my giveaway...if you have a project already on Donorschoose or know someone who does then email me {right now}.  There's a new "Email Me" gadget to the side...over there........no there........under my button.

The catch is I need to know by tomorrow at 4:00 because it expires tomorrow night!  I will give the $25 to the first person who emails me a link to a project needing funding.

Happy February everyone.

Oh~ One more quick thing...I just mailed off my Valentine's Exchange...boo ya! 

It was so exciting :)  Ah, the little things, people, the little things.......


  1. I mailed my gift today too!! Love these exchanges! Your so sweet to give away the $25.00!! I'm headed over to check out Loco Teacher now!!

  2. LOVE my iPhone!!! greatest phone ever!!!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. Yay I have an account!

    Mine is www.donorschoose.org/daniellelasota

    Well if no one else sent one to you already! ;)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out!