Kindles or Nooks in the Classroom Linky Party

Do you use a Kindle or a Nook in your classroom?

I have a Nook that I use at home ALL THE TIME. 

I love it because I can sit in my bed and read a book {sometimes}.  But mostly, I use is to catch up on my Google Reader feed.  I can star the posts that I need to come back to once I get off my lazy butt and go upstairs to the computer.

Hence, the reference to having 66 starred items in my Google Reader Feed yesterday

But, this is not about me and my obsession about my Nook.

I need help!
(not mental help either...although that might be necessary, too)

I use the Nook in my classroom, too.  I have downloaded our most current read aloud, The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman.

When I read it aloud, I show it on the Smart Board.  I can then highlight vocabulary, sentence structure, figurative language, author's purpose, etc.  It's great!

My question is any of you have a class set of Nooks or Kindles?  If so, how do you use them?  Do you have to purchase the books individually for each Nook?  Do you have one Barnes and Noble (or Amazon) account or 25 different accounts for each device?

I'm looking at trying to get a class set, but don't know if it would be worth the effort to get a class set.  Any suggestions?  Would I be better off trying to get a class set of iPods?

So, this is a linky within a linky.  I'm linking up with the tech whiz Cara over at Teaching...My Calling.  She's so great.  Link up here to add what you do in your classroom over on her blog.

Really: I seriously need advice.
Please consider helping me and link up....


  1. I have a class set of iPods and we use iBooks on the iPods. I'm not too familiar with the Kindle or Nook, but I know you can do the same things on iBooks (highlight, put post it notes on pages, and look up words instantly.) I iBooks, I am also able to have the kids type their writing on the iPods, email it to me, I put it in a Pages document, and then I export it as an ePub. I can then put it in iBooks and voila, the kiddies have all of their writing published in books they can read in iBooks. They LOVE seeing their writing in their library, as well as their friends. I'm not sure if you can do this with the Kindle or Nook...? Have a great rest of the weekend! :-)

  2. I'm an English teacher who is trying to get a class set of Kindles. My biggest suggestion is to check out Calibre, a free open-source program. With Calibre, you can set up and organize your library -- and then make sure all the e-readers are synced. Let me know if you have questions.

  3. I would totally recommend going the iPod route, or even the iPad...they're so much more versatile! You can even get Nook on the iPad.

    Carrie :)
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