Currently March 2015

What have you been up to lately?

Listening: Currently listening to my son clean up his mess in the kitchen.  I think he knew better because I spent the  Like
Loving: Donors Choose!  I just got a special professional development project funded and I'm soooo excited!  I'll share more about it soon once the details are finalized and I know more about how it all works.
Thinking: I should really be working on my classwork for the Cultural Diversity class that I'm taking right now.  I'm currently taking one of the classes to get my ESOL endorsement.  This is my first of 5 classes.  Long road ahead...
Wanting: I am going to do another round of Whole30.  Have you heard of it?  Although my husband and I started eating healthy (mainly vegan) in 2014, we started to slip as the school year began.  Last fall, I saw posts by Rachelle (What the Teacher Wants and For Blogness' Sake) about Whole30.  I read the book, It Starts with Food and completed one round of Whole 30.  Now, I'm ready to complete another one to get me ready for my spring break plans....
Needing: I'm not feeling all that great.  I need to get some Zicam to knock out whatever is making me feel cruddy.  (Could also have something to do with the fact that I've been eating poorly.)
Spring Break Plans: NYC!  I'm taking my daughter to New York City for Spring Break!  We are super excited!  Do you have some must-do ideas for us? know you're 1) a teacher when and
2) excited when...

You create a binder for your trip:

So what have you been up to Currently?


  1. Congrats on the PD funding. I need to finish writing up a Donor's Choose project. Hope you feel better. I need to check out the Whole30 more in depth. It looks like it could be the push I need. Have a great time in NYC.

  2. Oh my gosh so many great things to do in NYC- definitely go to Eataly for lunch. See if you can get tickets for the Top of the Rock tour at Rockefeller Center- it's an awesome backstage tour.


  3. I love that you created a binder! So fun! Hope you feel better soon!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. I LOVE NYC!!! My suggestions are: eat at S'MAC ( and see a play (Lion King would be my top pick). No matter what you do, you'll have a blast. It is a wonderful place!

  5. I spent all day Saturday cleaning - and now my kitchen is a huge mess again - I should be cleaning it, but I'm commenting on currentlys instead!
    Have a great day

  6. Can't wait to hear about your Donor's Choose project! I've been thinking about Whole 30. Did you find it was hard to stay on track?

    Miss Woodward's Class