Math Menus: All About Angles

Last week, we had state testing.  I sure am glad that is over.

The week before and during some of our "down time" after testing, my students have been busily plugging along on their newest menu:

I decided to split the focus of the geometry skills into two menus.  I left all of the "angle business" to this menu.  I'm glad I did.  I really think by splitting it up into two menus allowed my students to explore angles more in depth.  I was so pleased with the work that I saw with this menu.  This is now our fourth menu, and my students are now experts.

I'd love to share with you some highlights. I make sure I change the variety of the activities for each menu.  For example, this menu didn't have a rap as an option.  Instead, they could write a children's book telling the story of an angle.  Let me tell you...I was amazed at the results.  This is BY FAR the BEST WAY all year long that I've been able to incorporate CREATIVE writing in math.  My students journal all of the time, but to be able to write creatively in math?  Well, this did it!

I'd love to share every story with you, but you'd be here

But, check out this cutie patootie story! (Just click on the picture to enlarge it so that you can read it better.)
One of my groups wrote an entire CHAPTER BOOK!  Here's just a quick peek into the first chapter:

Some other items in the menu included a picture collage of real-world items with angles, trading cards of the four basic types of angles that we studied (acute, obtuse, right, and straight), a picture using only circles where angle turns needed to be labeled (quarter, half, three-quarter, and full turns).

I am so impressed with their work!

For our final menu, I'm going to create an "open-ended" menu where the students will be able to showcase any skill that we covered this year.  I'm sure with that freedom, I will end up with masterpieces!  I can't wait!

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  1. So Cute!!!

  2. I would love this for my kiddos :) We are getting into geometry now.

  3. Your student sample is too adorable. I pinned it just because I want more people to see this awesomeness!! I would really, really love it if you would move down to grade two with me next year so I can keep stealing your ideas and using your fab products!!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! My students would love this!

  5. I have to teach three 90-minute blocks of math next year, so I'm looking for all sorts of engaging ideas!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. What creative stories!

  7. So creative and engaging!

  8. This looks so fun!

  9. I love your math menus.

  10. I love the stories! Your students are so creative!

  11. Hi! I love this interactive notebook idea. I saw today Tara @4th grade frolics said she was encouraged by your math workshops. I saw old posts about those, but have these notebooks replaced the workshop or is it part of it during the lesson? I love all these new ideas and want to do them all, but effectively of course! Thanks!

    1. They work on these menus during one of their rotations. (During the Math Facts rotation just because that was where I had room.)

  12. This is awesome! Sounds like a great way to incorporate writing!