Currently October

Happy October, everyone!  I love October.  We are *almost* settled in to a routine at school (and home), the weather is beautiful and hello....there's everything PUMPKIN :)

Yes, someecards does it again.  I'm ashamed to admit how many PSL I've consumed already.  It's too many :(  But, when I'm not having that, I'm looking for pumpkin flavored/smelling anything and everything.  I even washed my face the other day with a pumpkin smelling scrub from at Birchbox shipment.
Ahhhh, fall.  How I love thee :)

Anyway...on to the Currently for this month.

Listening~Why, oh why, must I always hear a washing machine running?
Loving~Hello, fall, y'all.
Thinking~Even though we are falling into a routine around school and home, my "To Do" list isn't shrinking yet.  Help!
Wanting~'Nuf Said :)
Needing~So that I can tackle that "To Do" list.

Easy Grader it.  My old, worn out and tattered green easy grader is now digital.

Love it!

What have you been up to lately?  Catch us up with your Currently over with Farley:


  1. Hey, thanks! A FREE easy-grader app! I wish I had seen this before I bought a new easy-grader before school started! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Miss R's Room

  2. Thanks for the tip about the grading app! Going to download it now!!!
    The Blessed Teacher

  3. Love the grading app!! Downloading now.. thanks!
    Fifth Grade Ramblings

  4. You sound like me with your love of pumpkin!! Trader Joes has some awesome pumpkin stuff right now! And I've also discovered the individual servings of the Starbucks Via- pumpkin spice latte...I may have a problem!

    School Days with Smith

  5. I will check out that app. Thanks!

  6. too bad its not in the google app store. must be for the iphone