Workshop Wednesday Linky

I'm linking up with my friend, Jessica at Ideas By Jivey,  for her Workshop Wednesday Link Up.  She's been focusing the last two weeks on Workshop Set Up, so I thought that I'd link up the last several posts from my Math Workshop Monday posts:

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Post 1: Basics:

Post 2: Setting up Interactive Notebooks

Post 3: Station Set Up

Post 4: Scheduling

If you are interested in reading more, stay tuned on Mondays.  I'm blogging about Math Workshop each Monday (mainly to help me stay focused), but also in hopes that I can help others tiptoe into the wonderful waters of Math Workshop ;)  Corny?  Um, that's me.

Now, go head on over to
Ideas By Jivey
to read all of the wonderful Workshop ideas!  They aren't all math, either.  She has categories for Reading and Writing.  Consider linking up!


  1. Love the bright colors on your bulletin board! I use a similar one to manage my math workshop. It really helps keep kids on task, doesn't it?

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  2. Thanks so much for linking up friend! I've been enjoying your math monday posts! :) :)