Optimum Organization {July 13th}

Welcome to this week's party!  Kristen and I hope that you have been finding some good ideas along the link-up way :)  Thank you to everyone that has been linking up with us.  I know that I've found a ton of new ideas!!

If you'd like to link up with us, grab the button above and share either an organizational idea or an organizational find.  You can join the party on Kristen's blog or mine...it's all the same party so come on over!
Now on to my idea for the week.

This is not actually my idea (and I don't even own it, yet) , but an idea from a co-worker {Holla, Paula!  That sounded so cool, I must type it again....Holla, Paula!}.  Anyway, you know how I am In LoVe with Ikea.  I know, I know, you are tired of hearing it EVERY.SINGLE.POST, but it's so true. Just ask my husband.  Ha!

She, Paula, found this awesome set of shelves there
Hard to see what makes them so special....let me show you one that is filled:
Well, this isn't exactly the same one.  But, you get the idea?  So in the correct one (named Trofast Frame for those of you who are curious), there are slides for 6 of the small baskets.  I'll be putting these baskets in the shelf:
Best part?  The shelf is only $29.99.  And it is STURDY, people.  I checked it out in her room.  The baskets, you ask?  Only $3 a basket!

Here's my plan...it's a secret plan, don't tell my husband.

After dropping our sweet girl off at the airport in Atlanta for her trip to FRANCE!!!, we'll be swinging by Ikea (again).  And, I'm going to pick up the shelf, 4 of the small green baskets (one for each of my four leveled math groups) and the left over space will fit a big bin like this:
for all of my junk stuff.  That larger basket is only $4.  So, for under $50, I have the perfect small group working shelf-system-thingy.  I can't wait.

What have you found this week to help you stay organized?  How do you store your station/small group/etc. materials?  We'd love for you to link up and share how you stay organized!


  1. Hope everything went well. Have a great weekend. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Oh my word! You just sent me the answer to my prayers! I have been wondering how to organize my supplies for my Words Their Way groups as I will have up to six. This will be PERFECT! I can get different-colored tubs to correspond to their group color. Thanks so much for sharing! Now I can take one more thing off my brain!!!


  3. I love that! Super cute and affordable!

  4. Looks great! Do you know if they have baskets in bright colors? :0)

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

    1. They only had white, green and pink. Other shelves (different size drawers) also had blue.

  5. Hope they had the shelf! Glad you are as excited about the IKEA shelf as I am! Have a super weekend!

  6. Ohhhhh! Heading to Ikea after we get back from vacay....if there's any money left...lol:) Will be checking this out for sure! Love it!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. That is so exciting that your daughter is going to France! So lucky, and lucky you IKEA is on the way home. I love those shelves. We bought the stair like ones for our school library and I love the look of them too! Hope they work out wonderfully for you in your classroom. Love that you get the big bin!!

  8. So I don't have a blog so I can't link up (or show a picture)but I do have an organizational find from the Dollar Tree. It's called a locktop snack container and comes in a set of 2. They had green, red, purple, and blue. It's 5.2 fl oz. The top comes off but locks in place with little flip 'handles'. It fits a regular size deck of cards (I checked in the store before I bought them). I think I'm going to use them to hold small manipulatives for math - dice, cards, etc or game pieces. I'm not sure yet if it'll fit task cards. So far I got 6 (3 sets) - one for each group.