Optimum Organization {June 22}

Hey everyone!  I hope you have had a nice week.  I spent 3 days in training.  And as much of a drag as that can sometimes be, I really enjoyed myself this week!  I was in mentor training and it was a lot of fun.  Even if I am not a mentor next year, I learned a lot of methods and strategies that I can use in my very own classroom next year.

Welcome to this week's party:

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Now on to my ideas for the week.

I know that this is a re-run for a few of you who caught it on Monday.  But, in case you are like me and sometimes miss some of the posts for the week, here it is again:

I am so excited about it.  I know that my desk top will not have that never-ending stack!  I'm also going to be able to scale down the area next to my table (which feels rather claustrophobic) because of that last drawer: File.  I'm actually going to move the hanging file that I usually keep my students' papers (notes from home, discipline notes, excuses, etc.) away from my table area.  I usually only throw those papers on the top of the hanging file anyway and "file" when I have some time.  So now, instead of being thrown on top (and look oh-so-messy), I'll throw them in the bottom drawer until I have time to "file" them.  

One more organizational tip for the week:

Do you have/ hoard a lot of digital papers and clip art?  Yes, I'm talking to YOU.  Do not be ashamed.  I am guilty, too.  I bought so many digital papers on the last Sassy Designs 25 cent sale that I spent almost $20. {Oh, please Lord don't let my husband ever see this post.}  So how in the world can I possibly know what I have?  It's easy.  I took screenshots of the open folder.  Now, when I'm looking for a certain color, I can scan through the images to know what folder to open.  This is what one "folder" would look like:

What you see above it is a png image created using my favorite screenshot creator: Jing.  You can also just use your snipping tool (on any PC with at least Windows 7, I think- just go to your computer accessories).  Personally, I prefer downloading Jing to my computer because the little sun sits at the top of my screen ready to capture anything I need.  So, when I had the above folder, Sassy Designs "Andersen", open, these are the thumbnail images.  So, I took a screenshot of that and saved it to my "Sassy Designs Digital Papers" folder.
This is the entire folder (well, a clip of the top portion of the entire open folder):

So, let's say I was looking for a pale blue color that complimented pinks.  Then, I'd probably head to the SD_Audrey folder first instead of the SD_Aquamarine because I can see in this png image that the blues in the Audrey file compliment pinks.

Does that may any sense at all?  I'm hoping that I can add a video tutorial soon. {On my summer to-do list!}

Anyway, those are my two organizational tips for this week.  I hope you can use one or maybe even both of them.  Before I go....one more picture:

I'll be doing this at about 9:00 p.m. tonight.  Say a little prayer for me :)  I'm running/walking with my daughter and my son.  If you follow me on Instagram, I'll probably be posting some pictures.  Follow me by clicking on the picture below:

Link up below!  I can't wait to read more of what you all are finding/doing to stay/get organized!  Thanks everyone for joining us :)


  1. Elizabeth--I love your Copy, File, Grade labels! They are so pretty :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    ps: I know how you feel about the digital papers and clip art--I have the same problem...and hubby doesn't know either haha!! :)

  2. I love your copy,grade, file organizer... the colors are so pretty!! The screen shot... you are a genius!! I am off to work on that right now. I could just kiss you! Muhhhh
    Kickin' It With Class

  3. Oooo...so many great things here! I saw this file system recently and knew it would be an important one to make this summer, thanks! LOVE the screenshot idea, I'm off to try that now (that paperwork can wait, right???). Have a blast tonight!

  4. Thanks for the freebie! One can never be too organized.

  5. Thanks for the freebie! One can never be too organized.

  6. oh! That's smart! I stocked up on the last sassy 25 cent sale and I need to be able to find what I want without opening every.single.folder!!

  7. I have a perfect container for these to be used on (a large three drawer container with the bottom drawer huge for the file). My goal is to be more organized next year. Thank you!

  8. Glad I am not the only one that went a little crazy at the last Sassy sale. Love your idea for screen-shotting the thumbnails. Hope you had fun at the glow run/walk!

  9. That's a great tip on how to find your clipart or papers. I currently have them organized by creator, but I also want to find a more useful way to see what I have. Pinning it!

    Fifth in the Middle

  10. Oh my gosh....taking a snapshot of the various papers in your folder. Literal GENIUS! I am constantly having to open the stupid folders up...so annoying! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

    Teaching in Room 6

  11. Great ideas! I share your digital paper obsession! ... can't get enough!
    The Teacher Chick

  12. I love the screenshot idea for clipart and digital paper!!! Thanks for sharing such a simple trick!

  13. I love the design of these labels but I'm looking for some that are days of the week to keep all of my copies organized. Any chance you can help me out???

  14. I can't tell you how much I love this tutorial on keeping my files organized! You totally just rocked my socks tonight! Even shared it with a friend that I shared the sale with! :)

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  15. I loved your drawers so much I made mine with your freebie labels!! I thought I was being so organized labelling my clipart and paper folders but taking a screenshot is so much better - thanks for sharing that idea!

  16. I love the drawers. I used bins this year, but the drawers would hide how much I have in there. I want to reorganize where my desk is and scale down. This is a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Surfing to Success

  17. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the pdf! Have been seeing this cute idea bouncing around the blogosphere, but have been too lazy to do it myself. It will match my room perfectly and help keep my desk (somewhat) uncluttered ;)

    Thanks again!
    Cute in the Classroom