Monday Made It~January

Oh, how I wish I were about to bombard you with a gazillion pictures of all of the things I made during Christmas Break.


Well, I was a bit lazy and loved every minute of it.  

But, I did manage to complete a few things before heading back today!  Today!  Yikes...

So, I'm linking up with my friend, Tara.

Here is one thing I'm claiming as my "Home Made It".  My husband painted the wall behind my sofa (since I spent a LOT of time there these last few weeks, I began to notice that it needed a change). 

I then had some pictures of the family enlarged at Staples and put them in frames that I found at Goodwill!  Only $10 for each of the large frames! Holla :)

Sorry for the awful picture.  I took it with my iPhone.  I really need to upgrade.
By the way...not sure how that picture got next to the text, but I like it.  Anyone know how I "accidentally" did that?

Now for some "School Made Its"~

First up, I laminated and cut out these cuties from Tara.

That counts, right?  By the way, you can grab your copy {here}.

I revised my Poetry and Figurative Lapbook...that counts, too, right?

And...I was hoping Id' be finished with what I was working on all weekend.  Well, most of the weekend, anyway.  But, I really want to test it out in my classroom before I post about it.  I needed to come up with a curriculum for fractions.  Why?  Because my current math book stinks and only covers about 1/2 of what is in the Common Core.
We already completed these.  This lapbook covers the first two standards for fractions.  I have about 3 more fraction standards to go.

I sure wish I had a ton of more things to show for my break.

But, I don't.  I had the best time being lazy.  How about you?

Go link up with my friend, Tara.


  1. HI Elizabeth! I love your photo display! Your poetry and fraction lapbooks look amazing! Have a great week!


  2. I love your photo display! I will send you an enlarged picture of myself to hang up with them. Also, you are a slacker and I expected more made-its. Wait, I don't have any. :) Have a great week at school friend.

  3. I think it's great you found balance-home made-its and school made-its! Perfect!I also think you should give yourself credit for making the observation from the couch that the wall needed attention. See? We're ALWAYS thinking! Have a great week!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Love the poetry lap book! Definitely going to have to purchase that one. My husband LOVES when I'm home on a break because I always discover so many things "we" need to do. Ha!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. I was lazy too!! Apparently I am much more productive when I am busy and have no time! :) I love your photo wall and those frames look great! And of course your lap books are always amazing!!!

    Lessons with Laughter