Monday Made It~ December...and More

I know, the "and more" made you click on over, didn't it.

Let's go with the "and more" first. 

Thanks to all that commented on my last post.   And, there is now $10 in that little pot of goodness for a Target giftcard.  Did you guess my magic number?  {I rounded up, by the way}  Hey, I'm a math teacher. Gotta keep you thinking mathematically :)

Let's see how much we can raise this time...bribery still in play :)

This week we started fractions.  Ugh!  Who's with me on the "ugh"? 
Here's my issue.  There is so much to cover due to Common Core...but so little resources available at my school.  The current textbook has squat.  Zilch. 

Well, maybe a tad bit, but it's not closely tied to the Common Core.

So, I worked and worked on this newest item for my TpT store.  I mean, worked.  I was so unmotivated to complete this item.  I was so unmotivated to do much other than my day-to-day "stuff".  But, I knew I had to get it finished. 

That little "Fraction Action Man" on the front was an activity that I completed today during a walk-through evaluation by my principal, assistant principal and one of our instructional superintendents. 

I'll show you pictures in my next post.  The lesson basically has students create a figure, determine the fractional representation of each shape used and then they decorate their figure.  It was cute!  My students made me very proud with their creativity!  Plus, they were able to create the fractions correctly!  Win! 

So, that's my current "Classroom Made It".

I've been only a little busy at's one picture and it's not that great.  But, hey, it's finished. 

I actually made two wreaths.  One for each glass door in my living room. 

Oh, there is a cute little thing I made for my cruise:

Filled with treats for my cruise gals!

So, there you go...a few "Made It's". 

Not nearly as much as I'd like...but hey, it's December, people.  I'm lucky if I get a shower every day.


  1. Thanks for linking up bestie!!! Love the wreath:) Be-u-ti-ous!!!!!
    Can't wait to use the fraction activity:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. HI Elizabeth! I LOVE the fraction lapbook! The wreath is beautiful!