Boo'd and More :)

Hi everyone,
I had a happy little message in my inbox today from Liliris from Fourth Grade Garden:

I've been Boo'd :)

I love Halloween (probably because my birthday is the next day), so I was happy to play along.

So, I must
 1) Choose a fellow blogger that has more followers, another that has about the same number of followers, and someone that has less followers.
2) Blog about each of them and include this cute linky party icon in your blog.

3) Lastly, leave them love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."  (If you have a store)

So, it was hard trying to decide on blogs because a) I love EVERYONE and b) so many people have already been Boo'd. 

So, I went with a few that haven't been Boo'd (at least as far as I can tell).

Here are my three folks I'm Boo'ing. That sounds bad, but you know what I mean, right?

My blog buddy and running partner (even though we live a gazillion miles away from each other):

My sleep over pal, Amber:

And the best cupcake maker ever, Natalie:

Go check out my friends' blogs.  You'll be glad that you did. 

If you haven't entered my giveaway that ends on Thursday click {here} to go enter!  Good luck!