Fabulous Find Friday-From the Beach :)

Frame by The 3AM Teacher

Do you have a most fabulous find this week? Grab the above picture and add it to your post when you link up.  My intention is for you to only highlight one (or two- one for school and one for home) special item(s) that you can't possibly live without, but if you have more, that's fine, too :)

(By the way, I still haven't figured out the html code to make this a button, even though Mercedes from Surfing to Success tried her very best to help me.  I am on vacation this week and didn't even open Blogger until this morning.)

I have two Fabulous Finds to show you.  One for school and one for home.

First up:  School- I couldn't possibly live without my paper cutter.  Now, I know you are all envisioning this Fiskars one:

That one is OK.  I actually have a few of those. I have one in my classroom because I often forget to cut my papers in 1/2 (we run a lot of things two-to-a-page to save on copies) in the teacher workroom with the Mac-Daddy of all paper cutters that will slice your finger in 1/2 if you aren't careful.  So this works in a pinch.

But, what I'm really talking about is this one:

It's not the Mac-Daddy, but maybe baby-Mac.  I love it.  This is the one that I keep at home to cut everything.

Remember my teacher toolbox? 

Well, I finished cutting these labels in a flash because of baby-Mac. Want to know a little secret?  I found mine at Goodwill!  Seriously?  Why would anyone want to get rid of that baby-Mac?  I gladly adopted him.

Now for my Fabulous Find for home.  Do you Roo?  If you do, you know what I'm talking about:

Kangaroo Express has this Roo Cup deal where if you bought the cup (at $6.99), you can get 25 cent refills all summer long.  Ummm, yes, please.  The nearest Kangaroo Express is on the corner about 0.1 miles away.  The girls in there know our family by name.  I'm not kidding.  They even asked about the kids when they were away at camp.  We are literally in there at least 3 times a day.

Now, some friends and I are having a little Facebook "Where Is Your Roo?" challenge (well, kinda a challenge) and I think I won last night.

This was strictly by accident, but it made for a perfect photo-opp.  (or is it photo-op?) What do you think?


There you have it-my Fabulous Finds.  I'd love it if you can link up.  I'm sorry I haven't been around this week.  I've been with Mr. Alligator.  I promise to blog, blog-stalk and comment with everyone starting on Monday. 

See you soon :)


  1. Ooooh! I need that baby Mac!!!! I swear you would never find something like that at our Goodwill. We have nothing but trash at ours!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love it!

    Kindergarten Korner

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  3. Never anything good at our Goodwill either. I want one of those for sure!
    The Idea Backpack

  4. I love my paper cutter too. It's also a mini mac-daddy, but it was given to me by my mom when she retired from teaching. It is super old, but it still cuts perfect. It has never needed to be sharpened. How do you sharpen it anyhow?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can't live without my paper cutter. It's so important, I named it "The Chopper". How did your cup get by that alligator? This is amazing to a so cal girl! Just joined this week's linky party. :)

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  6. I'm so jealous of your paper cutter! What a great idea to have the Fiskar's cutter in your room, that's the one I have at home. I will be scouting out all the resale shops in my area to see if I can buy a bigger paper cutter for me and take my little one to school!

    Teaching Special Kids

  7. Thanks for hosting this link party! I look forward to sharing all week! I love that paper cutter... I finally bought a laminating machine.... that may be next n my list


    Fancy Free in Fourth

  8. I LOVE my baby-Mac too!!!! :) That's awesome your found it at Goodwill!!!! :) I can't wait to link up!!!

  9. I love my paper cutter. It's a Fiskars that I've had about 10 years (I can't believe I've had it that long)! You definitely got lucky finding the baby-Mac at Goodwill! :)

  10. You and I have the same Fabulous Find:) I wish I had the bigger one! Maybe I need to go to Goodwill!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  11. What a great deal with the Roo cup! Wish I lived near one!

  12. Paper cutter? There is one on my kitchen table right now!

  13. I have a mini cutter that I keep in my room. I wish it was bigger but it fits nicely in my cabinets. You scored!

    Kinder Cuties

  14. Hey there! I'm giving you the versatile blogger award! Head on over to my website to check it out!

    Teaching With Ms. Mel