Summer Bucket List

I'm joining in the fun to share what my plans will be in a few weeks!  I've got 13 days left.  Not that I'm counting.  I'm joining Hadar, April and Teri :

Here are a few things on my bucket list:

1.  Figure out who makes that border (the loopy one with the sewing stitches)...if you know, please comment below because I want it to make labels for my classroom library. {Possibly before summer break, so does that count?} 

2.  While I'm organizing...I'm going to organize EVERYTHING in my house:

Source: via Elizabeth via Pinterest
I may even slap a label on my son.

3.  I'm painting two rooms:  Our 1/2 bath and our kitchen. 

The kitchen will be this lovely shade:
Source: Swimming by Sherwin Williams
Not sure of the bathroom yet.  I'm also going to be making curtains for both rooms. 

4.  Recovering the pool lounge chairs.  I did this last year with Sunbrella fabric and it worked!  However, the fabric didn't last the winter season.  This winter, I'm going to either put the chairs indoors or finally convince my husband to make me these:


5.  Spend time with my family and friends lounging by our pool!  Probably Definitely with a few of these:

Source: via Elizabeth via Pinterest

6.  Travel-Our French Exchange student from last year is visiting us in July.  We will be going to the mountains to go camping or glamping  and then driving to Oklahoma to visit my husband's family. 

7.  Possibly plan some bloggy hopefully this one:

8.  Plan and make more things for my classroom.  I'm going to be studying the Common Core, too.  Advice?

9.  Read!!!!!!!!!!!  {all sorts of trash....what will I do when I'm finished with Mr. Grey?}

So, what's on your bucket list this summer?  Go link up!


  1. Hey!
    for the border.... are you talking about this one?

    Miss Elementary

    1. No, but thanks, Sara, for trying to help a girl out. Hadar actually emailed me and let me know it came from Print Candee on Etsy.

    2. I love those borders, too, and always wondered where they came from. Thanks for letting us know! Did you purchase them yet? I was wondering if it was easy to edit them because it says:

      A crisp, high quality, 300 DPI, 8x10" PDF file featuring 8 EDITABLE 3.5" x 2.5" label/cards (as well as detailed instructions outlining how to use the editing feature).


      Lori (
      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Whoa, those labels look perfect for household (and classroom??) organization!! I wouldn't blame you for labeling your son, lol!! Thanks Elizabeth, I always learn about the coolest resources from you :)

  3. Love your bucket list and hope you can come to the bloggy get together...I'm helping host it:) So excited:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. That drink looks amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Happy to be your newest follower!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
    My TpT Store

  5. I am planning on going to the Florida meet up too!!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  6. Hehe your comment about labeling your son made me giggle!! Thank you for linking up!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. woop woop for the meet up!!!
    and I LOVE the slap a label on your son!! haha!!

  8. I so want to come and hang out at the pool with you and help you drink a few of those!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  9. The part where you put a label on your son has to be absolutely hilarious!!!! I laughed out loud by myself. :)

  10. Just found your blog! Happy to be your newest follower. To bad I can't make it to the Florida Meetup! I'll be there in spirit! Love having fellow Florida bloggers.

    The Teacher's Backpack