Puppy Love-A Visit from the SPCA

Each month beginning in October, my class has been lucky enough to have volunteers from the SPCA come and visit/teach my class.

They started back in October teaching us pet safety.  In November, we learned about caring for a pet.
In December we learned about dogs as service dogs and about other ways to care for a pet.

But this month...we were lucky enough to have a visit from one of the volunteer's pets.  His name is Ben/Bennie/Gentle Ben {just like my dog}.  He was beautiful/sweet/playful/obedient...I could go on forever.
This is Cheryl Stephens with loveable Bennie :)
Ain't he sweet????

I'm not putting the kiddos faces on here but you can image how excited they were!
We had a blast meeting Ben.  He is a trained dog who goes in to nursing homes, too.  Amazing day!


  1. Thanks for the comment like always!! :)

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    Sorry for the rambling, apparently I need to go to sleep too!

    Oh, and I saw that you are located in SC! You aren't far from me and Elisabeth!

  2. It is wonderful to have a pet "visitor"! I know that Bide-A-Wee has a similar program where the dog reacts to students reading to him. Did you have to send a note to parents first mentioning the visit? Just curious about allergies, any students that are afraid of animals, etc....