Monday Made It :)

Only one more Monday after today for me.  Then, it's the real thing.  I go back officially on the 14th, but I feel as if I've been working all summer long.  Don't you?

It's OK, though.  My little classroom make-over has been a long time coming.

Anyway, I only have a few classroom "Made-Its" and the rest are home "Made-Its".

Here goes:

First off, my daughter {love her} made more clipboards for me:

We are now sitting at about 18 of these and I'd like to have 25 before I go back.  She's got some work to do.  {Hehe}

Here's something I made.  Hold on to your seats, folks.  It was tough.  I mean T.O.U.G.H. 

This is my lost and found basket.  It's for those pesky items that no one wants to claim. {That is until they can't find theirs...}

I almost broke a sweat making that one for this week.  I'm actually not quite finished with it.  It needs a tag.  But, I was exhausted.

Now for home.  I'm not sure if you remember, but I had lofty goals of repainting my bathroom and kitchen this summer.  Welp, the bathroom is now finished.  The kitchen...not so much.  The wallpaper is down and I have lovely two-toned walls.  But, I have only one week of summer left and I will not spend it painting.


Here's the finished bathroom:

The curtain is actually a shower curtain that I converted to a window curtain. 
Instead of a traditional towel rack, we went with hooks.  We have a pool and now my kids can hang (and reuse) their towels.
No more constant towel washing for me.

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  1. I love the color of your bathroom walls! They are gorgeous! Nice work!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  2. Wow!! I love your bathroom! I can't wait to buy my own house and quit renting!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. Thanks, Vicky and Ashley. I love it (now that it is finished) :)

  4. I am loving your lost and found basket! Just added to my list of things to make!
    Thanks! No...seriously...Thanks! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us

  5. Love the lost and found bin! Your bathroom looks great too!

    Success in Second Grade
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  6. You crack me up Elizabeth! Everything looks awesome, as always! I love that color for the bathroom wall--I've been wanting to change to blue for awhile now. What shade is it?

    The lost and found basket is adorable! The clipboards I'm totally jealous of because there is NO WAY I would be able to pull off such cute ones so I think mine might have to stay brown. I'll just hide them away in some storage 'til we use them, ha!!! :)

  7. Love love love the bathroom color.

  8. Haha! I love my lost and found basket! And last year I had a book "hospital" for them to put book in that I needed to repair. Did I repair any books last year? Maybe one. haha! But at least there was a place for them.

    LOVE the bathroom color! I'm in the middle of painting my bedroom. I had a giant list of things to do this summer... and well, notsomuch.

  9. Wow, everything you made looks great!! I really need to start making some of those adorable clipboards =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  10. Love the lost and found bin idea - I so need that! And your bathroom looks lovely!

  11. My bathroom is the same color! I love it!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  12. Love that bathroom! The hooks, the curtain, all of it!! Nice job!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  13. Hopefully you are resting from all of the work you had to do on your basket! Maybe the husband will bring you some wine while you recover!! Also, the bathroom looks great all done!!!! Great job!!

  14. Your bathroom looks great! I absolutely love the color that you have on the walls!! I also like the shower curtain conversion! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  15. Seriously, I don't think I could make that bow for your basket. That does take some talent, ya know? My students would get the plain ol' basket. haha! Love the bathroom color:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  16. I made 3 of those clipboards and I was exhausted! haha! And sometimes bow tying seriously is TOUGH!! I love the hooks in your bathroom! We need some of those in our master - it's pretty small and there's only one hanging rack! Looks awesome!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  17. Love those bathroom walls!!

    The clipboards are fabulous and I love the bow on that basket as well!

    Mrs. B's Nook

  18. i love the bathroom,its pretty simple and have given me some ideas on what would i do in my bathroom..i can't wait that my house would be built in..

    towel racks