Fabulous Find Friday~Week 6

Happy Friday Everyone!
Do you have a fabulous find to share?

Grab the picture above and link up your finds....

Here's my must have item for this week.  I've used it a TON this week at school hanging things. No, it's not my glue gun...I'm about 5 feet short-tall.  So, I need this to hang anything:

Seriously.  I'm only 5'2", so I can't hang anything without it.  I bought this for myself YEARS ago.  Years before the whole "don't stand on chairs" crisis in my district.  Have you had one of those yet?  We even have to watch a stupid fantastically produced 20 minute video each year so we know not to stand on a chair to hang something.  It's the most ridiculous thing ever. 

Anyway, my momma didn't raise no dummy {Grammar errors on purpose.}  So, I've had my handy little step stool to help me along the way.  Couldn't live without it.

Speaking of my momma...she came with me to school for another couple of hours yesterday.  Can I count her as a fabulous find, too?

What have you found (or what do you have already) that you can't possibly live without?


  1. That's an awesome find!! I have a double room so last year when the custodian left his ladder in the room, I put a lot of things on it (mainly tissue paper flowers)so I could keep it the whole year.

    And your Mom is a great find too.....can I borrow her the last week of August?

  2. What an awesome idea...just claim one by decorating it so that they won't want it back. I think I'll do that with one of my custodian's hand carts. :)

    My mom is pretty great, isn't she?

  3. That step stool is a great idea- wish I had one!

    You're so lucky that your district allows you to bring people to help you. We used to be able to do that too. For the last few years we have not been allowed to bring anyone-no friends, no family, no anyone-at all, to help us prepare our rooms.

    primary practice

  4. I giggled at your step-stool when I first saw it. Luckily, I've never needed one. One of our teachers had to buy one last year for her students to use the SmartBoard. They can be handy for many different things! Friday snuck up on me, and I'm sad I don't have any finds to share this week. Packing won out this week! Have a great weekend!

    Miss R's Room

  5. I would not want to work in Patti's (Primary Practice) district. What is the rationale behind not allowing any help for classroom set up?

  6. Haha I'm 5'3" and have my own classroom step stool too... I feel your pain!! This is my first time linking up to your Fabulous Finds party! I went to Hobby Lobby this week... bad idea for the wallet... and I found so much stuff that I wanted! :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  7. I love my ladder too. I didn't think to take it until last year, but so glad I did! We have that rule too, but no one listens!

    Kindergarten Korner

  8. Love your Fabulous Find Fridays! I have been following along all summer and I am finally linking up!