A New Prize and A Giveaway :)

Hey all~ My principal shared the video I showed you yesterday before our testing meeting....kinda lightened the mood.  We were all laughing {well, maybe not the PE teachers who were in there because they have to proctor tests...one of whom has to be in my room during testing.  I hope he's not going to hold it against me...}

Wanted to very quickly tell you about a fabulous giveaway that you don't want to miss over at 3-6 Free Resources.  There is one MEGA prize...I wish I could enter.

Click on the cute button that Michelle (3AM Teacher) made for the giveaway to enter.

Now, before I leave you...because it was our 1/2 day {Which means in-services, meetings, etc.} and I'm so exhausted, I had to share one little bitty thing with you.

I've been noticing bloggers talk about personal laminators.  I thought to myself the following conversation.  I'm a crazy person and I have conversations with myself.  {Don't judge...you know you do it, too.}

Me:  Why would anyone want to buy a laminator and use it at home? 

Me #2: I know, right?  You can laminate for FREE at school, duh!

Me: I'm not spending money on a laminator or any other supply that I can get for free. 

Me #2: No kidding, I spend enough money as it is...and I don't make enough money to be doing this anyway!

Well, that was before Purple Cows entered my life.....

I saw her at Costco when I was buying my testing treats for my kiddos. 

She was only $19.99 and came with 100 sheets of lamination.  Here's the conversation I had with myself at Costco:

Me: What?  Only $19.99?  That's not too bad, is it?

Me #2: No, not really.  I can TOTALLY see why people buy these babies.  You can get that lamination done in your PJs. 

Me:  I know, right?  Plus, sometimes when making things, you need to have a thicker lamination so that the game pieces don't fall apart.  I bet this will be thicker.

Me #2: Sure it will!  You need to get this RIGHT NOW.

Me: Really?  I was so against it before.  I mean, why buy the milk if you can get the milk for free?

Me #2: Well, duh......not when it's PURPLE milk.

So, of course purple cow made it home safely where she belongs.

Later taters....or shall I say, "Laters"? Yes, I'm reading "THE BOOK", too.


  1. I have a laminator and I LOVE it! Yes, it's an extra cost but we're only allowed to laminate so much at school and I love that it makes things thicker. :)

  2. I have been debating on getting a laminator too. I hate having to stay late/rush in early to laminate something (and it never seems to be heated up when I need it!) Plus what will I do all summer without one???

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. I love my laminator. Trying explaing the need to your husband. hcarpenter@ebrschools.org