Donors Choose? -and a FREEBIE

Or is it chose?

Just kidding.

Do you have a project on Donors Choose?  Let me tell you a funny story about how I posted mine.

A few months ago, I won a $25 gift certificate from The Loco Teacher to Donors Choose to apply towards a project-either one of mine or another.  I very hastily put together a project to try to be able to apply the win towards a project of my own.  {Greedy}  However, little did I know, that you had to have it approved and that would take a few days.  The gift certificate was going to expire the next day, so I had a giveaway for it.  It went to a very worthy cause and I wasn't greedy after all.

However, here this project sits waiting for donations.

And it sits.

and sits.

and sits.

Why?  Because it's really lame.  There, I said it: lame with a capital L.

Then, to make matters worse, my principal caught wind of the fact that I had submitted one and sent the link to ALL the teachers in my school.  Who then, in turn, probably looked at it and said, "LAME".  I really don't blame them.

But, now that it's been out there for so long and I haven't even gotten one dime, I'm kinda wondering what I should do differently next time.  I know I would like to put one together that's
a) not lame
b) going to benefit more students
c) actually get funded.

I'm going to work on that this summer.  Do you have any suggestions?  I've been looking over Stephanie's (Teaching from Room 6) suggestions, but would welcome any ideas!

In the meantime, I found this opportunity over at Laura Candler's blog, Corkboard Connections:

It's a Donors Choose link up and Teacher Appreciation giveaway of sorts.  She is going to donate $100 to five different teachers.  How generous is that?

 I thought that this might be a chance to get that first project funded {finally} so that I can feel some sort of success...'cause let's face it...that's going to motivate me to try for more, right?

So, could you pretty please, with sugar on top, visit her blog here and vote for me?  Voting begins today and ends tomorrow night at midnight.  The top 5 projects will get some moo-lah :)

I'm project number 33

And, just as a thank you for voting for's a freebie:

Use this for a quick reminder for readers to continue to check for understanding while reading.  I run this on cardstock, laminate and cut out for students to use and "track their print" with the top of the check mark.

You may download it from my TPT store.  Enjoy and thanks for helping a girl out :)


  1. I voted for you because you deserve it! I've had two projects fully funded and if I were still in the classroom I'd have more posted (I'm on special assignment doing tech stuff). I think I was funded for two reasons- one both my projects had funny/catchy titles. Second i really explained why I was asking for the products and what specifically they were going to be used for. My last project was headphones with microphones and I explained how I would use them like I was explaining it to my parents who are NOT teachers. I think many people write their projects as if it's other teachers doing the funding but it's not. The layperson understands why you'd need books but may not get why you need technology for the classroom unless you explain it VERY clearly. Hopefully that helps! I encourage everyone to submit projects to! Good Luck! :)

  2. Funny, but I just funded your project with the help of the MORNINGJOE matching code, and I never saw this until now! I didn't think your project was lame because if you don't have the cords you need, you can't use those ipads to full effect. DonorsChoose is all about helping teachers get the things they need to do a great job. However, before you write your next proposal, you might want to watch my webinar on how to write a super DonorsChoose project proposal! You can find it on my Donors Choose Page.
    Laura Candler

    1. Thank you so much, Laura for the donation and for finding the matching donation from MORNINGJOE. I'm so excited! Thanks for not finding it lame and seeing the potential and need that was truly there. I'll definitely check out your webinar for future projects.