RR Board and Check out Blog Friends

OK~How to sum up that dorky title?

RR does not stand for Railroad.  Or even Reading Recovery.

It's Reading Rotation.  I wanted to show how I've updated the board.

If you are new to my blog {cause I got TONS of new followers thanks to Lorraine's Linky Party...thanks, Lorraine}, then let me fill you in...

First off,  I have been tip-toeing into the water of "Balanced Literacy" or "Daily 5" or "Reading Workshop" all year.  I have a new principal who wants us to explore teaching this way.  I'm not new to this, I've just been teaching a bit differently for a while....

a long while...........

like 10 years.

Anyway~ I was struggling with how to make stations work.  I tried EVERYTHING.

OK, maybe not EVERYTHING...but you know.

I had an "ah-ha" moment in about January when I saw a Math Rotation Board from The Clutter Free Classroom.  If I could get math to work, then I'd tackle Reading.

So, I did.

{I said that in Forrest Gump's voice, by the way, because as I'm writing this, I feel like my story may sound a lot like his ramblings....so sorry for that.  I love FG!  I even have a signed picture of him on my wall in my office!}

OK~Don't leave.  I'm not a total dork.  Only sometimes.

Here's a picture of my Math Rotations Board:

Looks good...but not as good as CFC-I'm SOOO going to use black fabric next year on my bulletin boards!

Once I felt like I had "mastered" Math Rotations, I started Reading Rotations.

Here's a picture of my Reading Rotations board:

I use the acromyn R.E.A.D:
R-Read with the teacher
E-Enrichment (AKA-Stations...kinda like Daily 5ish)
A-At Your Seat (usually an authentic assessment based on the skill...how pish-posh and teachery did that sound?)
D-DOL and Read-to-Self (DOL is Daily Oral Language and then once finished they complete Read-to-Self-Daily 5ish.

So, I thought I could do it.

So, I did, again. {Forrest Gump}

You can purchase this board for a mere $2 from TN or TpT

Now-on to some of my favorite bloggers:

Amber's got a new look- Go check her out!

I adore her.  Really, I think I have a teacher-crush.  She's my go-to gal here in blogland.  I can ALWAYS count on her.  She's just surpassed 200 followers and there's rumor of a giveaway soon.  You should become a follower if you haven't already.

Secondly Misty is was wanting 200 followers and is was itching for a giveaway:

Uh oh...looks like she's gonna be posting soon about a FAB giveaway.  Remember...she's the one I won THE pencil sharpener from...So you KNOW it's gonna be good.  Like Real Good.  It's a secret.  Go Check Her Out!

Which leads me to my final thought.

I'm itching for 200, too.  I can feel it.  I'm hoping before my spring break {which begins on the 30th} to be able to PAY IT FORWARD....

Will you help me get there?  Will you encourage your followers to check me out?  

Don't lead them to this post...Lord Help...they won't come back.  Lead them to something more thrilling and full of snarky remarks.

Cause that's the real me.


OK- I told myself I'd finish this post.

So, I did.


  1. You crack me up! I could totally here the FG comin' out ya! =)

    Just to mess with your mind.... (That was a warning!) BFF (she's a teacher but not a teacher blogger) and I were talking about Daily 5 and The Book Whisperer and Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop and how there were way too many great ideas so we used her students as guinea pigs and came up with a neat idea. I will email it to you.

    Misty - who's super secret giveaway is next week so you will to follow me by then!
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. Do you do centers or your daily, five days a week?

  3. Misty-you will totally mess with my mind...but bring it!

    Mrs. Shepherd-I do whole group instruction on Monday...rotations Tuesday-Thursday and whole group on Friday (mainly due to tests).

  4. HAHAHAHA! Teacher crush? It made my laugh out loud. Mark, the boyfriend, didn't understand why I was sitting over laughing at my computer. He never knows what I am doing on here! :)

    But seriously, you're awesome!

  5. Elizabeth!

    You are too funny! I love reading your blog! And I love your math and Daily 5 rotation boards! Super cute!

    Lessons with Laughter

  6. I am new to Blogger, and am already just LOVING your blog! I will definitely keep following!

  7. I loveee your blog! So cute!! I am your newest follower!

    Little Miss Teacher