Madness of a Post

OK, bare with me.  This is a rambly-kinda-post but I have so much to talk about and only one post a day???



Misty over at Think, Wonder & Teach had a give away for this:

Yes!  It is THE pencil sharpener.  You know, the one created by Troy.  It's The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener.  The one that is so popular that it is on back order. The pencil sharpener that is going to officially make me one of the cool kids.
Like Farley:

and Holly:

I'm sure there are other cool kids with these, too.  But they were the one's that I can remember.  If you are a fan, comment below and I'll add you to the cool kids list :)
I am so excited!  Thank you, Misty, for hosting this giveaway.  She's one of the cool kids, too.  You should check her out.  This giveaway was for her 100th follower and now she's at 177!  Wow!!!  


Here's what we did for St. Patrick's Day:

I think they turned out a-dor-a-ble....  Thanks to A Cupcake for the Teacher :)  Her templates are so precious!  And, my fourth graders loved making them.  I will do craftivities more often!

Thanks to The 3AM Teacher for the graphics for this writing paper.  Her graphic are so great...I'm sure you already know.

We also did this:
Yes, the good old Lucky Charm graphing.  The kids appreciated it.  Probably because I told them that after Valentine's Day, I was almost ready to NOT have any more holiday fun.  They did a great job this time.  Good Lucky for them :)

We are two weeks away from Spring Break and I can't wait.  I know some of you are heading back tomorrow after your break.  Good luck! 

I'm off to go shopping with my little girl.  OK, she's not little.  She's 14 and taller than me.  Blah!  She's still my little girl, right?

Have a great week!


  1. Congrats on your sharpener!!! let us know how it is...

  2. Yes she is! Mine baby just turned 19 and is way taller than me and she will always be my little girl. I go back tomorrow.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It went toooooo fast!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I am two weeks away until Spring break too! I can't wait! :-) Have a great Sunday shopping with your daughter! Sounds like fun!!!

  4. Hi There
    Im y our newest follower and your blog looks great! Please stop on over to my blog when you get the chance :)

    Teaching in Paradise

  5. Congratulations on the sharpener! I have one in my classroom and I love it! The kids do too, a little too much... haha!

    Loose Shoelaces