Have You Tried Nearpod in the Classroom?

Are you trying to incorporate more technology in your classroom?  Do you want your lessons to be more interactive?  Then, Nearpod is for you! 
Check out this video from Nearpod to learn more:
Last spring, I shared this with some teachers at my school and they were excited about how it can be used in their classrooms.  I am excited to use Nearpod in my small group instruction.  Since I have the use of 5 iPads, my students can work with me on a skill and can answer questions in their individual iPads.  I'll be able to track their answers and use this to help plan instruction the following week.  
There are many different free "premade" Nearpod lessons that are ready to use!  I've already been saving many different lessons to use with my students this year! 

Why not give Nearpod a try?  


  1. This looks really cool. I think it will be great in my classroom!

    4th Grade with Glitter

    1. Thanks, Lena. What I loved about it was that there were already a ton of lessons that you can pull from that are free, but that you could also set up a Nearpod presentation pretty quickly. And it's user friendly! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I used it last year. I found it was easier to use it from the website instead of the APP. It didn't crash as much,

  3. Thank you for the hints! I am getting excited to try new strategies.

  4. Thank you for your helpful hints. I look forward to starting this in my own room.