Monday Made It- January 2015

It's Monday Made It time!  I always love checking out all of the great ideas that get linked up each month on Tara's linky.

First a home Made It:
I'd really like to become more organized at home.  If you've been around a while, you know that I thrive on being organized at school.  Kristen (Ladybug's Teacher Files) and I had a weekly linky one summer dedicated to organization, after all.  But, at home...that's a completely different story.  Over the break, I tackled one of my trouble spots.  In our kitchen we have what I call the "Dumping Ground".  I'm sure most of you can relate, right? Our dumping ground was the counter.  Then, I tried to move it to the cabinet above the counter to try to alleviate the mess on the counter.  But, then the cabinet turned to this mess:

So, I decided that I needed to do a complete "Catch All Cabinet" overhaul.  I was inspired after reading a post on Organizing Homelife about creating a Kitchen Command Center.  (You should check it out.)

Take a look at what I was able to accomplish in a few hours.  I just hope I can keep it looking like this.  When it starts pretty, sometimes that helps me.  

So far, so good.  In the afternoons, I open the mail and file it in the correct location in this cabinet. I've been able to keep the countertop clean!  That's such an accomplishment for our family!

I've created a new set of task cards to review place value.  As state testing approaches, I will be making a lot of these to help my ELL students when I see them.  Be on the look-out for more in the next few weeks.
Click here to go to TPT
Right now they are marked 1/2 off in my store, but I'm also having a giveaway for a copy.  You can click on this link {here} to go to that blog post if you are interested.

I hope to have many more Made Its next month.  I certainly have been pinning enough cute stuff lately to have a lot to choose from :)


  1. I was always so organize in my classroom, especially after taking over a class where I couldn't find anything. But at home I was nearly a mess! I found that as long as I start the initial organization, then it'll be easier for me to keep up with it! Love what you did!

    Fishing for Education Blog

  2. I need a command center! And then I need a commander to control it! I cannot get the paper monster under control...may have to ponder what you have done and see how I can do something similar...