Dry Erase Surfaces Made Easy {A Bright Idea}

It's that time again!
Are you ready for some...

I've got a simple idea to make learning a little more fun!
Have you heard that you can paint surfaces to be dry erase?  Yes, you read that correctly!  Many surfaces can be used with Dry Erase pens!  Check it out...

I started with a thrift store coffee table that my in-laws found for me a few weeks ago.  I painted the entire table with white spray paint.

Next, we found this awesome product at our local Home Depot:

I had originally planned on painting the top of the coffee table with chalkboard paint, but found this instead.  I think it will be much better!

My husband followed the directions on the package and covered the top of the table with two coats of the dry erase paint.  We let it "cure" for about 3 days and my sweet daughter tested it out.

Looks good, right?

But, how does it erase?

Not bad, right?

I'm sure not many teachers plan on putting a coffee table in their room, but think about the endless possibilities:

Clipboards, table and desk tops (if you are granted permission to paint school furniture), filing cabinets, etc.  And if you are super lucky and can paint walls and doors....how cool??

I hope you found a new little trick while visiting!

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