13 in '13

Has another year passed this quickly? How can it be?
I'm linking up for the "Year in Review" post that I've enjoyed now for the third year of my blogging experience. Third year linking up?? Can it be?

I really wanted to stick with the 13 prompts as specified by the post, but I think I'll stick with 13 of my favorite memories instead.  My TV favorites/ food favorites/ etc. haven't changed since last year.  I'm boring that way.

So here goes...

The year began with

In February, I was named my school's Teacher of the Year.  Little did I know at the time what that adventure would become :)  After a few months of work, I was also named my county's Teacher of the Year. 

The adventure continues because I just finished my application for the State Teacher of the Year.
It is such an honor (and one that still shocks me to this day) to represent my county.  I am truly humbled by the entire experience.  As I just recently told my principal, "I'm just a regular gal who puts her pants on one leg at a time.  I was just lucky enough to be chosen."
It was quite the year for my family, too.  My lovely daughter turned 16 in June.  This is a picture from her Spring Formal in May.  Where, oh where, does the time go?

Her 16th birthday was truly a "Sweet 16" :)

It was a fun night with her friends!

My son had a memorable year, too.  Here he is whitewater rafting with his dad in June.
While they were on this little vacation, I was enjoying some alone time at home.  My daughter was in France at the time, and I was able to just sit/rest/act like I had no responsibilities.  It was like being 20 again!  Ha!  I also traveled to North Carolina with these lovely ladies for a workshop with Laura Candler!  (Complete with a stop at South of the Border!)  We had a blast...and yes, acted like we were 20 again :)
I also enjoyed not one, but two blogger meet ups this summer:
This picture is hijacked from Ginger's blog- Ginger Snaps- She's one of my absolute favorites!! 
I got a new car!  Well, new to me.  And yes, it's a convertible.  Hey, wait....am I trying to be 20 again?  I see a pattern here.
I was able to knock something off of my "bucket list".  I've heard that I shouldn't call it a bucket list because I'm much too young to have a bucket list.  Instead, we are to call it a life's checklist.  Whatever you call it...this was a good one to check off.  Thanks to my friend Beth :)
And, what year isn't complete with out a little Josh?  Not once, but TWICE people. Magical.  And...and...the first one was the DAY.BEFORE.SCHOOL.STARTED.  What, am I 20 or something?

Not the best pictures on my iPhone, but....
The second Josh Groban concert of the year also included one of my other favorite things:
It was a magical whirlwind of a vacation.  Complete with my two favorite things (Josh and Disney).  That's my partner-in-crime, Beth, in the middle picture.
While on that trip, I conquered a major fear:
This was major.  MAJOR.
I traveled to my cousin's wedding in Denver and was able to stay with my brother and his family.  I sure miss seeing my nephews grow up since they are so far away.  (I don't have pictures of this to show...instead, I'll share with you my travel attire.)  I bought this sweater from Old Navy because my students just love the song.  Don't yours?
During Thanksgiving break, my sweet husband surprised me with a trip away for just the two of us.  We went to Atlanta and shopped, ate great food and stayed at the Intercontinental hotel in Buckhead.  It was wonderful.  Check out this drink menu at the Bourbon Bar in the lobby.  {PS...as a side note:  I just googled "Intercontinental Lenox" in Google images and my picture below showed up. Interesting.)
My son started Social Dance this year.  As one door closes for one of my kids, the same door opens up for the next child.  Sarah loved her time with this dance group (beautiful picture of her in the white dress above.)  Now, it's my son's turn.  Here he is getting ready for his first class.
And here we are at the Christmas Dance.  I'm dressed up because my husband and I are chaperons:
Here are the three of us:

This happened.
My husband I and went to a Dave Chappelle concert a few weeks ago.  It was amazing. However, what was more amazing is that we spent an hour backstage with him because my husband knew the opening act.  He went backstage (with me in tow) to congratulate him and we ended up talking to Chappelle for over an hour.  It was awesome!  He was so down-to-earth.  Great guy!
My beautiful children~I am so thankful for such wonderful kids.  I can't believe how quickly the time is passing right before my eyes.  Here's to 2014...a year of even more adventures and wonderful time with family and friends.

(And I hope a little more blogging, too.)  I know I've been a little scarce lately, but I have been trying follow what my One Little Word would be if I had followed the original prompts:  BALANCE.  I'm trying to find balance in my life and one thing had to go on the back burner and that was blogging.  Here's hoping that in 2014, I can get back into the swing of things and blog a little more.  Thanks for everyone for sticking around during my little "blogging slump".  Anyone with me on this one?

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!


  1. I so enjoyed reading your year in review! You've had a wonderful year! I sure hope you are chosen to be SC Teacher of Year...it'd be an honor to have you represent our state!! Here's to another fantastic year for you!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. What an amazing year. Thanks for sharing so many of your wonderful adventures. Looking forward to reading about your 2014!

  3. I am so jealous of your Josh experiences!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. How ever will you TOP all of the amazingness in 2013? Here's hoping that the new year brings you equal measures of wonderfulness, magic and JOY!


  5. What a wonderful and eventful year you've had! I have the same goal for the New Year about blogging! It is so difficult to balance! However, I am determined to make it work! Have a happy and prosperous New Year! :)

    ~Lindsay Rodriguez
    Just Keep Teaching

  6. Congratulations on Teacher of the Year!! :) Such an accomplishment. Yay for 4th grade teachers :)


  7. Love it! You had a busy year, you 20something lady! Crossing my fingers for your teacher of the year award.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Wow! What a year. Congrats on Teacher of the Year and all the other amazing accomplishments. Your kids are precious and reaching important goals too! Great post!

  9. I enjoyed reading about your year! Fun, fun! Congratulations! :)

  10. Love this!!! Now, as someone new to the teacher blogger life... how do I get in on a linky party like this? :)

    1. Click on the link above and head on over to her blog. The directions are on her blog. Basically, you post a blog post and link that blog post to her page with the linky tool at the bottom of her blog post. Welcome to blogging!

  11. Elizabeth~ 2013 was such a wonderful year for you.. I know 2014 will be even better. FIngers crossed and prayers said for the State Teacher of the Year!
    Happy New Year!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  12. Loved this post! I found you through the Linky and am now a follower! Congrats on all of your accomplishments. May 2014 even better :)


  13. What a great year! I have been unofficially following for awhile now. I had you as a favorite on my toolbar! I am officially a follower now! :) I am excited for all of the great things you will share with us this upcoming year.
    Best Wishes,

    A New Day of Learning

  14. Thank you, everyone! It is because of you that I am a better teacher! Thanks for hanging out with me :)

  15. Wow!! Congratulations on the teacher of they year!! Oh my! It is completely deserved! :) We are going to Disney in February with our three year old boy (he'll be four in March) and 6 year old girl. I've never been to Disney! Looking at the pictures of your beautiful children makes me think of how quickly the time flies. Before I know it, my girl and boy will be going to dances. It is so bittersweet! Happy New Year and cheers to another year of wonderful memories!! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    I am so jealous of all the southern bloggers that got to meet up! :)