My Truth Monday/Tuesday...

I'm linking up with sweet Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade for My Truth Monday (but on a Tuesday).  She is one of the first bloggers I started following so long ago and I adore her!

I missed the fun last week, but I'm joining today for the CREEPY edition.

I love all things Halloween.  Perhaps it's because my birthday is the next day ;)

Seriously...the food creepy is just creepy, people.
Scary movies?  I don't think so...
What creeps me out the most?  Yes, it's THAT sound.  My personal kids sometimes do it on purpose, the rats.  {By the way, do you find yourself calling your own kids your "personal" kids to clarify you don't mean your students?  I do it ALL.THE.TIME.}

I'll leave you with a little trick I pulled out of my bag again today.

It's the CUBES method for solving word problems.

We used it today to help us SLOW down when reading word problems.

We glued the notes in our notebooks and practiced using the method to solve word problems in our textbook.  I'm hoping by adding this method, my students will SLOW down and THINK in order to solve more difficult word problems.

You can grab that CUBES poster from my TPT store for FREE :)  Just click on the poster or {here}.

Happy Halloween!!

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