Optimum Organization {June 29}

Yikes, writing the 29th hurt a little. Did it hurt you to read it?

Welcome to this week's party!  Kristen and I hope that you have been finding some good ideas along the link-up way :)

If you'd like to link up with us, grab the button above and share either an organizational idea or an organizational find.  You can join the party on Kristen's blog or mine...it's all the same party so come on over!
Now on to my ideas for the week.

This week, I have an organizational find for you.  I'm considering it an organizational find because it is going to help keep my small group table more organized and less cluttered.  I found these babies at Ikea.  I've told you how much I'm in love with that store, haven't I?

This is the Marius Stool from Ikea and Kristen has shared her love for this stool before.  I took her advice and bought three of them when I was at Ikea last weekend.  I only bought three because I still have 5 of the storage boxes I bought last year.  My groups ended up being larger than I expected (6-7 in some groups) and there is just.not.enough.room for even one.more.storage.box like the one below:

That's really my second organizational tip.  They kind of go together, right?  I love these storage boxes.  They came from Hobby Lobby and I bought them for $20 a piece when they went 50% off last summer.  I think I bought two a week each time they went on sale so I could spread the spending out a little...hehe.  Anyway, let me tell you how much I also LOVE these.  I wanted to create the cute crate seats like everyone else, but for $20 a piece, these seemed like a great compromise to the ever-growing-to-do-list that I had last summer.  (By the way, the same to-do list is growing this summer, too. Does anyone know how to stop it from growing?)

Now, how is it an organizational tip? It's a storage box, duh.  But here's the tip:

On the first day of school when every kid (we hope) comes with all of their school supplies (I'd die and go to heaven if that completely happened...but let's face reality), I stuff all of the "extra" supplies in a 2-gallon Ziploc bag that has already been labeled with the student's name and dump them in those storage boxes. {I dump the supplies, not the kids in the storage box...I should rework that sentence above, but I'm lazy.} Once things settle down (around October...just kidding), we explore the "extra" supplies and put them neatly away in cubbies, bins, etc.  That first day of school is hectic enough without having to deal with school supply overload, right?

Well, there you have it, my two tips for this week.  Won't you join us?

Link up below!  I can't wait to read more of what you all are finding/doing to stay/get organized!  Thanks everyone for joining us :)


  1. I can't believe June is almost over! This summer is going by too fast!

  2. I wish we had an IKEA around here, those stools are so cute... I do the same type of thing with supplies, well - not exactly the same. I have my crates (that I love), and I separate out the binder paper in one crate, index cards in another, etc. It worked for the already packaged stuff - then I pushed the crates under a table with a long tablecloth. :) Thanks for hosting the link up & have a great day!
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  3. You crack me up girl! These are totally organizational and the stools help save so much space! Yours are way prettier than mine though, I am envious!

    Elizabeth, I totally forgot about those awesome storage seats you got last year. I simply cannot make a crate seat (I'm afraid it won't be safe enough to sit on!). I wonder if they will have them again this year?? I need them! And I would completely spread out my spending too...makes it less obvious how much was really spent ;)

  4. Elizabeth--I love both of these. I've been admiring those crate seats myself, but didn't have time to make them for this past year. I'll have to see if we have Hobby Lobby near us.

  5. Elizabeth- I love the stools from Ikea! You might have just inspired me to take a trip down there this week... Thanks for hosting the link up!

  6. Elizabeth- Thanks for sharing your ikea find with us! I love that store too! By the way, are you going to be hosting the fabulous find friday linky party this year? I absolutely loved those last year and I would go out and buy a lot of the awesome stuff everyone found.