Customary Measurement Anyone?

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As the last quarter of school approaches, we are working hard to frantically trying to get in the last two units: Geometry and Measurement.

I created a lapbook for Customary Measurement to help us accomplish this task.  I think this time (to save some time) we are just going to use the flapbooks/foldables in our math journals instead of making the lapbook itself.  That's why I love making these lapbook products.  They are versatile!

This lapbook covers 4.MD.1, but can be used for 3.MD.2.  In it, there are box folds, flapbooks, etc. to cover these concepts:

Customary Measurement Term box fold includes:
customary system, length, weight, capacity
Tips for Customary Measurement Conversions booklet includes descriptions and conversion charts (partially to be completed by the student) of the following terms and concepts:
length, length conversions, weight, weight conversions, capacity and capacity conversions
Time box fold includes:
second, minute, hour, converting time
Customary Conversions booklet includes:
4 word problems- one each for length, weight, capacity and time.

Have you used the "Big G" to help students with capacity conversions?  Last year, I saw my students drawing the "Big G" on their tests and I was so proud :)  It's so much easier to visualize this than the cute "Gallon Man" or "Gallon Gal" or whatever.  This method is actually usable, in my opinion.

This can be found in the center of the lapbook.  I have my students color-code their letters.  For example, all of the P's {apostrophe or no apostrophe...ugh} are one color, all of the Q's another, etc.

For those of you who have copy limitations, I created an extra page for you to just print out the "Tips for Customary Measurement Conversions" boxes and the students can create their own flipbook with construction paper or sentence strips.  Students complete the charts by filling in missing boxes.

You can find the lapbook at my {TpT} and {TN} store now...

But, you know me by now....I'd love to give some of these away if you leave me some comment love below!

How did you spend your Spring Break (or, if you are like ARE you going to spend your Spring Break)?

I will pick 5 people on Wednesday night at 8:00 EST.

I hope you can use this and I hope you win :)

{Speaking of winning....Congrats to my friend, Stephanie from Third Grade Thoughts!  You won the Jerry Pallotta books!  I just emailed you.}


  1. I love this!! Customary measurement is always a challenge..

    For spring break (already two weeks ago - where does the time go?), we stayed in town and caught up on projects and sleep. It was perfect!

  2. I definitely could use this lapbook since I'm with you- Just trying to get it all in!! It looks great, as do all of your lapbooks!!

    I think I need to do some research about Google Reader and Bloglovin...Does that mean we can't follow blogs from our dashboard? And even if we can, I guess people who don't have a blog would be able to do that either?

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Ok, I figured bloglovin out. It's super easy! Thanks for the heads up!

      Have a great weekend!

    2. I think that we can still follow from the dashboard, but I'm worried about how I'll keep track of the number of followers (which is a total vanity thing, I know). How will that work? But I went ahead and put a Bloglovin button on my blog anyway. Looks like I already have 33 following me that way. It will be interesting for sure!

      Fifth in the Middle

    3. Glad you figured it out :) I'm really not 100% sure of what is happening with Google Reader. I've just "heard" that it's going away. Thought I'd give Bloglovin' a try....

  3. This would be awesome in my kiddos' math notebooks!

    I am on the tail end of my Spring Break -- I went to a local beach for a few days, then planned and graded! :)

  4. Just signed up for bloglovin. Thanks for sharing!

    Spring break just started yesterday. So far I still have 2 sick kids and we are supposed to leave for the beach on Monday. Hoping the 3rd kid doesn't get it, it's a nasty stomach thing.

  5. Spring break is alas, over! I had a stay-cation. But I did go hear some good music last night! Enjoy your break and thank you for the ideas! I need all the help I can get!

  6. Thanks for the update on Google Reader! I always learn/borrow/steal something from your posts.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  7. I can't wait to shop your sale!! I created a linky party on my blog to link up our sales! Head on over and link up, please :)


  8. Where did you find the Bloglovin button? Is there a way to transfer everyone over? Another thing to worry about! Thanks for sharing the information.


  9. Love, love, love this, Elizabeth! This will be perfect for when we get back after spring break next week and start measurement. I'm looking forward to a week without and the alarm and getting some grad school work and spring cleaning done!

  10. I love all of your lapbooks and I know this one will be as sensational as the rest! I am in love with the Big G!! I've never heard of trying it this way but I can see how it would be incredibly helpful for the students. Thanks for this opportunity Elizabeth!!

  11. You have created a great unit. Measurement is always so difficult, mostly because students never get a chance to measure anything unless with a ruler!

    My spring break is winding down (rapidly!) and I accomplished almost everything on my list, including taxes, pitching a bunch of stuff at school, baking/cooking, and more!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. We are just starting measurement and geometry students have such a hard time with it! Many of them don't even have a ruler at home, as I realized when I gave an assignment to measure an adult at home and explain how they did it.

    We have our spring break coming up in a couple of weeks. My husband has a conference in Vegas and I get to tag along! It'll be tough, but I'll find something to occupy me while he is in meetings...

  13. We are also starting measurement right after spring break (during which I plan to stay home and play/hike/bike with my 2 young boys). This is my first year in 4th after spending the previous 6 years in kindergarten, so I must say I am NOT looking forward to measurement. I enjoyed geometry, but not sure how I will make measurement fun. I love your lap books!

  14. I love the Big G! I use that to teach my kids every year and it WORKS! Of course I am pouring water everywhere as I teach to model the actual amounts. I will be doing spring cleaning and some planning during spring break.

  15. Hi Elizabeth .... I have just ended my vacation...we did a big family cruise this past week to Florida, Bahamas and the Royal Carribean Island. We had a blast. My three year old loved the camp. Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind. I secretly miss my children and the routine of school. I would love your customary measurement lap book. My kids have loved using foldable a and it truly keeps us all accountable and me organized through my lesson ramble. I would love to be chosen but either way thanks for the opportunity!!!

  16. If there's anything I love, it's lapbooks and foldables! I love how versatile and adaptable they are to most grades. Yours is great!

    I sometimes find myself having to mentally draw out the Big G to remember my measurements... shhhh!

    And Spring Break for me was wonderful. I spent 2 days and 1 night in New Orleans and caught up on work the rest of the time (I was in the hospital 10 days prior to the break, so I had a LOT to make up.)


  17. Keep em coming and I'll keep pinning em.... :)


  18. Everyone in the comments above will be receiving the lapbook by email. Thank you for commenting on my little ol' blog :) If you don't receive an email from me by tomorrow (4/2/13), please email me: It might mean I couldn't find an email for you.

    Thanks again!


  19. This is the one standard I really need to revisit before state testing next week.Thank you. Unfortunately my spring break just ended. I spent time with my three boys just hanging out and recharging.