Poetry and Figurative Lapbook Update

For those of you who have been only following me this school year, you are probably like...what-the-what?  I thought this chick only teaches math.

Well, that's true this year, but last year I taught everything except science.

One of the very first things I made for Teachers Pay Teachers (besides some labels) was my Poetry and Figurative Language Lapbook.  I was so super proud of that lapbook.  Up until about mid-summer.  Then, I began to realize some of my "rookie" mistakes when making products.  So, this winter break I decided I'd edit this little puppy. 

As time escaped from me, I began to panic rethink it.  But, I promised myself that I really needed to do this. And, take it off of my "to-do" list from H-E-Double Hockey-Sticks.

So, I did.

Here you go:

I added idioms to the "Figurative Language Terms" flipbook (Thanks to buyers who suggested it).  And, I also changed the font to a more "readable" font {which took a lot more time than I thought}.  Actually, what took the longest time was converting it from Word to PowerPoint. ---Rookie mistake #452.  I will N.E.V.E.R. use Word to make things again.  PowerPoint is the way to go!

Go check it out {here} if you want to know more.

Anyway,  if you are interested, I will give this product away to 5 folks who can correctly answer this question:

What is the name of my favorite TV show right now?  I'll give you a hint...it requires tissues during every episode.

Now, off to go watch TiVo'd episodes of that show....good luck :)


  1. Parenthood? (Which isn't on my "to watch" list, but thanks to you, it might be now!)

    I hope I am a lucky winner...we have a poem a week that we recite and keep in a notebook, but this would tie everything together perfectly. Powerpoint all the way!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. I cannot get this comment to go through so I apologize if you get it multiple times. My guess is Parenthood. I need tissues to watch that!

  3. I was going to say Parenthood too

  4. Parenthood? (Great minds think alike, hopefully)

    And we JUST found out about using powerpoint for TpT products instead of Word. We cried, cursed, and lots of other things when we realized how much smarter powerpoint is. Ugh. Anyway. We know now!!

    Amanda and Stacia
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I love Powerpoint - I love Ladybug`s Teacher Files tips on making resources. I was going to guess Parenthood because my BFF had to get off the phone to go watch it and told me she needed tissues since she cried everytime!!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  6. Is it cheating to guess Parenthood since I saw on the previews that it looks like a tearjerker? I'd love to see your poet-tree packet .... I'm actually cooking up a poet-tree bulletin board for my back-to-school Haiku.


  7. Is it private practice? I love that show and it can be a tear jerker sometimes. We are beginning poetry soon and I would love to use the lap book with my 4th graders.

  8. I'll add my guess of Parenthood. I also teach 4th grade and am always on the lookout for new ideas for teaching poetry. Thanks!

  9. I made the Word mistake too! I am dreading converting everything I have previously made over!

  10. Well, I was going to say Parenthood, too! Only because I absolutely know you need tissues every episode....atleast I do!!! Its my favorite, too!

    My best selling item was made in Word, and I really need to change it over so I can edit some things. But its almost 150 pages long and I am sooo not looking forward to that task!

    Teachery Tidbits

  11. Modern Family?!? I need tissues because I laugh so hard I cry! ;-) Your unit looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It was Parenthood. Everyone above: check your email. I'm giving it to everyone who responded :) If you don't have an email, it's because I couldn't find one for you. So leave it below :)

  13. That would be me. Thanks! It's chamasaki@gmail.com.

  14. It's gotta be Parenthood. I cry every time! I am working on updated all of my first products. At the time I thought they were so great, now I look at them and I'm like "What....someone bought this??" haha! It looks great dear!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  15. That would be me too - here's mine. Thanks! Looking forward to this!