Organized? ...Yeah, Right.

Oh, to be organized.  Wait, let me clarify...Oh, to be organized ALL.THE.TIME.
I know how to get myself organized.  See:

It's STAYING organized that seems to be the issue.  Anyone with me?

Sure you are...see, I found at least 3 ecards on Pinterest while trying to think of how unorganized I am...

I'm going with ecard #3.  See this mess:

This is how my organizing starts.  I dump E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. on the floor and begin sorting.  That is all the junk from my Christmas gift wrapping box with a few of my son's old Legos thrown in there.  How did that happen?

I'd love to show you the final organized box, but I've gotten distracted by the Internet again.  Silly invention.

I would like to share with you my goals for the rest of my vacation as far as organizing goes.  This way, you will hold me accountable, right?

Goal 1:
Finish organizing that gift wrapping box. Pleh! Then, put away all of the Christmas stuff.

Goal 2:
Organize my computer.  However, I'm afraid ol' Internet will get in the way again.  Poo!

But, I'm hoping that this present from my mom and dad might help:

I'm thinking I'm going to put all of my teacher "stuff" on there and organize my files better as I do.  Should I keep the files only on the external hard drive or should I still keep them on my laptop?

Goal 3:
Organize all of my Teachers Pay Teachers items and upgrade/revise a few. 

That's enough goals, don't you think?  I wouldn't want to strain a muscle or anything.  If I do, though, maybe I could just say to heck with it all and spend more time with ol' Internet.

Or maybe with a good book.

Yeah, I'll go with that one.

If you haven't already shared what you plan to organize, then head on over to fellow SC blogger, Hope King's blog and link up:


  1. Love it! I'm in the same boat. I need help! ;)

  2. Of course I am in the same boat as well. I have absolutely NO organizational stamina! Good luck!

    Craft of Teaching

  3. Keep the files on your computer, too. My external hard drive failed recently...something with the cord. So, yeah, you never want just one copy of anything!

  4. Thanks, Suzy for the advice! I was hoping to take some files off to save room on my hard drive...but better safe than sorry, right?

  5. You could always save a copy on a flash drive as well. I keep my things saved in 2 places just in case a hard drive crashes (or in my case, my flash drive started deleting things). Good luck getting organized!


  6. I feel ya! Ugh. I am really good at organizaing but just not keeping it that way! :)


  7. I would definitely keep your files in two places...just when you don't, you know you'll have a big crash! :( Isn't that how it works? I, too, am a master at organizing...just not very good at KEEPING it that way! *sigh*

    Happy New Year's Eve!

    Teaching Maddeness

  8. OMG, we are alike!! I dump everything and then sort (eventually) too!! Hahaha, is that abnormal??! It only makes sense to do it that way. ;)

    I actually just moved into a new house two months ago and I am proud to say that all of the boxes are now officially empty and gone (which means that I have dumped the contents of every box onto the floor of the room where the stuff belongs!).

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes