Currently...and a Giveaway Soon ;)

I'm beginning to wonder where the time is going?  I thought I just did one of these?  Well, it's time again for Farley's Currently...

I wish I were also linking up with my bud, Tara for a Monday Made It, but I've got nothin'.

Instead, I spent the weekend living it up with my high school BFFs.  We were there to celebrate their 40th birthdays.  Yes, plural.  My besties from high school are twins.  This is not the best picture, but here we are:

 I'm the short one, of course. Ignore the evil eyes. I was really being nice that night.  Swear.

On to the Currently:

My needing:
Every year when I head back to school I fight the back to school crud.  I know I'm not alone.  For me, here's the issue.  I'm allergic to dust and mold.  Ahem...a school building is made of those two things.  Right? Once the nose starts a-going and the post-nasaly stuff gets going...well, it usually turns to Bronchitis.  I'm hoping it doesn't manifest itself that way right now. 

I have Open House tomorrow!

We are combining 4th and 5th grade presentations to explain to parents how we are departmentalizing this year.  I've been elected the speaker (thanks, Brandee). 

Fingers crossed that I talk tomorrow.

Hence the "Not Making It Monday" for me...I'm off to curl up in bed and rest.

Maybe I'll make it tomorrow with item number 3 of my favorite things.

Go link up with Farley and remember the rule of 3.  

Wondering about the giveaway part of my title? I've got a great new "Fabulous Find" that I'm going to be giving away later this week.  Want a hint?  Look down on the bottom right side bar under "Products I Love"....stay tuned....


  1. I can't wait. Those signs look cute.:)

  2. Wow! My school is made of dust and mold too. (we won't mention the asbestos too) So I feel ya!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. oh, my friend...I am JUST getting my voice back after a week of no voice - here's hoping I keep it!

  4. Good luck with your Open House. They are always nerve wrecking, but I am sure you will do great!

    Teaching in Room 6

  5. Yes....schools are made of mold and dust!! I have allergies too and the pollen has been killing me! I forgot to take my medicine yesterday and worked in the yard and this morning my eyes wouldn't open!!! We have the back to school germies flying around my 6 or more of my peeps have coughs!!!! Yuk!

    You, my friend will do awesome at open house!!! I have no doubts!!!

    Link up when you can and if you can't, no worries dearie!!!! Hugs!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. ahhh!! I'm exactly the same way - as soon as my sinuses get all gunky, bring on the bronchitis!! YUCK! I've been fighting it this weekend :( Hopefully you are feeling well, those kids and their parents are going ot love you!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  7. Hmmm... That is a cryptic hint. Can't wait for the giveaway!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  8. Thanks for the well wishes, friends. I'm actually feeling OK today, so I guess I have to go through with Open House. Man.

    You owe me, Brandee ;)


  9. Hope open house went well!!! And I agree... 3 days weekends are amazing! Wish we had more of them!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  10. Hi,
    I'm a new follower and thanks to Rule #3…I found your blog. Very cute indeed! I too am fighting the back to school germs...hope you are able to fight them off. I enjoyed reading your currently and really wish we had another 3-day weekend coming up but no such luck :(

    (I don't know how to make it so I can just have my link to my blog appear…any help from an established blogger would be very appreciated)


  11. My throat started hurting tonight-would that be because of dust and mold in MY HOUSE??? :)

    Here's to a great year! That is already FLYING by!


  12. Hope your Open House went well! We have ours tomorrow...always nerve-wracking to speak to ADULTS!;) Glad you're feeling better...those back to school germs are crummy!

    Teaching Maddeness

  13. Hopefully you are feeling well, those kids and their parents are going to love you!!
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