Manic Monday Freebie and Monday Made It, Too!

It's Monday.

Time to show my productivity.  Yes, I can be uber productive during the summer.  Really, I can.  Are you surprised?

Remember this fancy set of drawers from last week?

I had several requests for the labels.  So, here you go.

Grab them by clicking on the picture above.   I put a blank label on there so you can create another drawer label if needed on your own.  This is a PDF file.

If you haven't heard of Manic Monday, read more here:

 I'm using that same design for other labels, too, and I will be posting those later this week.

Here's what I made this week for Tara's Monday Made It:

I'm loving me some spray paint.  (Yes, I know that's not grammatically correct, but it's my voice.  Right, Farley?)  My neighbors think that I've lost my mind.  My yard is a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors. 

I'm also going to go to Hobby Lobby here shortly and get some vinyl for my Cricut so that
I can label this tub "Clipboards". 

This tub is going to house these:

My fantastically creative daughter has been making these for me.  She is covering plain old clipboards with scrapbooking paper and then covering that with clear contact paper.  I'm going to have my students use these when completing independent work when they are not sitting at their desks.

Isn't my daughter the best?

(I'm kinda mopey right now because I just missed her phone call from Young Life camp in New York.  I'm hoping she'll call back later today.)

OK- off to Hobby Lobby.  Can't wait to make even more things for my classroom and for my home.  I'm currently redoing my 1/2 bath and will post pictures soon.  (Probably on next week's Monday Made It.)

Gosh, I love motivation!


  1. I looove it all!! I am trying to be productive but with all the homework I have for my masters classes I am not getting much done. I hope to kick it into high gear in July.

  2. That's some cute creativity going on!
    Cute clipboards.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  3. Your daughter did a great job on the clip boards! I never thought of using clear contact paper! Great idea!! Hope she has a fantastic time at camp!

  4. Love your clipboard tub and those clipboards are amazing!!! My daughter helps me too!! Gotta love those girls!!! I'm sorry you missed your phone call:( She'll call back:) I've got a lovely sore throat:/ I am feeling mopey too!! Thanks for linking up:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. She did call back this afternoon :) Now I'm not too mopey. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Great idea for the tub!!! And the clipboards are adorable!


  6. I found you through Manic Monday!! The labels are very cute! Thanks for sharing!
    JD's Rockin' Readers

  7. Love the labels! Thanks for including the font, too. It would make me crazy to have it mismatched. I found you through Manic Monday. Thanks for sharing your hard work!
    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  8. I'm loving your daughter for hire?? LOL- mine's only 2 so I know she won't be able to do any clipboards for me!! I used to help my mom with her classroom when I was a teenager. She went back to school while my brothers and I were older and her first year teaching was my senior year in high school. My to-do list is growing larger and larger!! :)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  9. Can I borrow your daughter? I am in need of clipboards!!! Love these and the tub!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  10. Wow! Tons of fun ideas you shared. I saw your labels with my TpT store follower new products and then saw it again on Manic Monday Classroom Freebies. So, so, so, cute! Your daughter is a gem! She is making some very cute things for you.
    First Class Teacher

  11. I agree! Can we circulate your daughter around?! Mine is 4... she's not quite at the point I can have her do some labor for me ;) LOVE everything you made!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  12. Love the clipboards! Does the contact paper hold up nicely like Mod Podge would? I think this would be much neater and cleaner and easier... :)

    First Grade FUNdamentals

    1. Yes, the contact paper works great. We cover so much with clear contact paper that we've gotten it down to a science. I think I like it better than the Mod Podge :)

  13. Love the labels and clipboards! I'm to hobby lobby as well!

  14. This is so cute! I have some paw print wrapping paper that I think would work perfect for the clipboards! Did you daughter have any tricks to getting under the metal clip part? What did she use to glue down the paper under the contact paper? It turned out soooo cute!!

    ~Heidi V.

    1. She cut strips of paper (that's why most of them are striped) and wrapped it around the clipboard. Once every strip was taped down, she used the contact paper to wrap it all up nicely so that it wouldn't come apart.

  15. I printed them on cardstock and then taped them on with mailing tape.

    That worked best for me.

  16. oh my gosh, all of your items are gorgeous! I love what your daughter did with the clipboards, she is very talented! Just like her mom I guess--those labels are so cute :) You are making me really excited about summer!!! :) :)

  17. The clipboards are so cute!!! Can your daughter come cover some for me when she is done on your end? ;)

    Teaching in Room 6

  18. Adorable! I did clipboards last year & I display my monthly writing on them. It's quick & easy. You're so lucky you have a little helper :o)
    Mel D
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

  19. You are so creative Elizabeth!! I love your clipboard bucket & those clipboards...your daughter did a phenomenal job on them! Love it all!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  20. Love that you spray painted your tub! I want to do this to a bunch of my stuff this summer too!
    Rambling About Reading

  21. I just found your blog through the linky party and I love all your ideas!! I'm definitely going to be following you this summer to see what else you create :) Those clipboards are so cute! I have so much contact paper. I never thought about using it for the clipboards. Thanks for tip.

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  22. How fun and colorful are all of these creations! I love the idea of using scrapbooking paper and contact paper for clipboards. I have heard of modge podge, but that is a new one! Do you think the paper will stay on pretty well? May have to try it! Thanks!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  23. I have several of the "drawer sets" but mine are all white and clear. Did you paint the main structure? Can I paint the main structure w/spray paint (one of my loves) and then decorate the drawers? I'm a 6th grade teacher and doing a "dots on black" theme in my classroom this year. (Creative Teaching Press)
    Thanks sooooo much!

    1. Arlene,
      Yes, take the drawers out and spray paint the main structure. It's easy. Use the spray paint primer, first. Then spray the color you want. The drawers are just decorated with scrapbook paper on the inside and the label on the outside. Easy! Good luck!

  24. Thank you! Going to head out to the school tomorrow to pick up my drawers....

  25. I'm loving all of your creative projects! I was just thinking the other day the same thing about my neighbors when I was out for the umpteenth time spray painting. I don't want to know what they're thinking about our rainbow grass! Where did you get the pink ribbon that's on the tub handles and the paper covering the clipboards? I wish I could get my daughters to help me with projects. They were so eager to help when they were younger, but now that they are older, they're not into it anymore.